with or without you: bono regrets inviting excitable phoenix fan on stage to play as he outstays his welcome and has to be escorted off

by:Marslite     2019-09-19
Irish rock band U2 got far more than they expected, when a passionate fan at the Phoenix concert began to take the lead singer Bono\'s limelight.
The group started their journey of pure experience, ready to play the hot \"Sweetest Thing\" to the sold out crowd while sunglasses\"
Dressed in the lead singer decided to perform in the \"Kingdom of God.
When The guitarist The Edge began trying to remember The chords of The songs from u2\'s album Joshua Tree, Bono asked The crowd for help on Friday night.
Scroll down to view the video. Are you the guy?
He asked the unidentified man near the stage.
\"Do you know the chords? \'.
The fan joined his idol on stage and then continued to raise his fist, cheer and hug the band members.
Bono is not sure exactly what his new teammates look like, he tells fans to calm down and play the song slowly so he can remember the song, according to Rolling Stone, since 1987, this has not been part of the band\'s fixed list.
Irish rock singers put the man\'s hand on the guitar fingerboard before starting the lyrics.
Fans move on stage and play lyrics for both
In the country of God, even once singing in the microphone, it was a one-minute performance.
According to the Republic of Arizona, porno said that Ritalin is also good.
At the end of the song, he kisses the hands of the band members and is ready to jump into the \"Sweetest Thing\" before Bono guides him down \".
The band had previously brought three sisters to dance with the mysterious road on stage.
The time the Phoenix fan spent with the band was not the first stage event u2 is currently traveling in North America.
When the band started touring in Vancouver earlier this month, Edge fell off the stage in the song \"I haven\'t found what I\'m looking.
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