with android@home google wants your house to be as smart as your phone

by:Marslite     2019-10-06
Google was launched in two years.
By launching a daytime meeting with the title for software developers
Film and music services are available.
But it also announced a more future project at Google I/O called Android @ Home.
The idea is: make your home as smart as your phone.
So far, Google has used Android as an operating system for mobile phones and tablets.
Now it clearly has an ambitious plan to turn the home into a huge connected device.
Google wants consumers to be able to control devices and appliances at home with their Android devices, which is basically like a universal remote control.
Want to turn off the lights?
Use your Android phone.
That\'s what Google does online.
Stage performance on Tuesday
Lighting Science Group is building wireless lighting products-
Bulbs and switches that can communicate with Android--
By the end of this year, this should be available in stores.
Let Google\'s Android vision
Automated Home reality will depend on 5,000 software developers who participate in Google I/O.
Google says it wants them to start building apps for automated homes.
It shows a new home theater system called Project, which allows users to transfer music from Google\'s new service to speakers connected to the Android home network.
Users can upload music by tapping the CD box on the Tungsten device with a near-field communication device.
Click on it again and the music plays.
Google said it plans to release the Android @ Home agreement later this year.
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