wine in a bag: everything you need to know about london\'s new drinking trend

by:Marslite     2019-10-15
At WeinoBIB, the secret came out not just from the bag, but from the bag.
Dalston deli opened in last November to serve organic wines from boxes, flasks and taps.
BIB represents the package in the box \".
This is the latest London wine tour-
Wagon, join the St. John, Holloway wine and cheese shop, and even Amazon.
It\'s also a comfortable place to see these submarines from thereZero condition. A bag-in-
The box experience may sound like a bad hangover. in-waiting. The packaging —
Developed by Australian winemaker Tom Angove in his 60 s
Consists of a plastic container packed in a carton and poured into the container from a plastic faucet.
In the past, most of the wine sold in the box was cheap and of poor quality, but this has changed dramatically in recent years, and the minimalist deli has begun the life of pop music.
Won all in 2015comers.
Customers can drop by and taste some of the 30 organic wines served at the counter, buy or refill their bags (this is eco-
Friendly, conscious drinking)
Or sit in and have a few drinks.
Boxed wine is lighter in your wallet, more friendly to the environment, and can be drunk for about three weeks after you click on the bag.
Because they are natural wines with fewer artificial additives, it\'s also better for you --
The defamatory millennials who are currently labeled the \"fattest generation in history\" have been promptly promoted.
Kirsty Tinkler, founder of Weino BIB, said she now drinks less at night because \"there is no pressure to finish the bottle before it goes out.
She thinks it\'s all about sustainable development.
\"For a long time, people have been thinking about the ethical issues of what they eat and put in their bodies --
But what they drink has been lagging behind.
\"The indirect cost of BIB wines is much lower, which allows small vineyards to compete with larger industrial vineyards --
Distributors of scale (
Making 35 wine bags requires the same energy as producing a wine bottle).
Lighter packaging also means less fuel is needed to transport wine of the same volume, thus reducing the carbon footprint.
In addition, Tinkler says you can taste different flavors immediately.
\"I can now smell pesticides and chemicals in wine.
When you let the wine ferment naturally and it comes from grapes that are well processed, it\'s like the difference between a good wine
\"Both beef and cheap burgers have been improved,\" she said . \"
It also encourages the taste of adventure.
Three months after the opening, the boxes of Bordeaux red wine and lovesickness were largely untouched.
Instead, bartenders in Dalston prefer cloudy Catalunya Paso grapes, or más de font Lund from the Loire Valley, which is20 a glass.
The Poivre d\'Ane Blanc Mas of vegan biodynamic wine Agrunelles is another popular wine packed in grass, green fruit, yeast and citrus with a wisp of Honey Dew
Tinkler encourages her customers to try to mix it with other wines to create different flavors (
She\'s planning a series of mixed nights).
For unfamiliar people, biodynamic wine \"is like organic wine --
According to Tinkler, many works are ceremonial and dance under the lights of the moon \".
It\'s hard to say if she\'s joking.
These special vineyards are grown on clay and limestone soil, and farmers avoid the chemicals of strict traditional practices, including horse riding.
The popularity of boxed wines is soaring.
Amazon reported growth of 212 this year. on-
The UK has seen an increase in annual sales since the sale of the back-band label began in 2015, while the reports of witrose and Sainsbury have increased by 15 and 10, respectively.
There\'s also a whole new vocabulary to learn: ranging from pouch to simple sizeto-
Carry the equivalent of about two bottles of \"bagnums\" into a large bag with a capacity of six bottles.
The surge in demand is due to a cultural shift. “Zero-
The appeal of scrap shops is growing.
\"Ethical business owners who had experienced difficulties a few years ago suddenly found it easier,\" Tinkler said . \".
\"People are increasingly accepting alternatives, and I think we have reached the critical mass due to what is happening on Earth.
\"Doomsday but good marketing: WeinoBib is a comfortable study that can ride at the end of the day.
There are about 26 seats for potted plants. the wall hanging of artists sarahpettit and steelkitchenalia gives a comfortable and messy feeling. The only space-
The age factor is the ceiling
The installed infrared heater is useful when the thermometer drops.
Line up your stomach with 5 pesto sauce and stravacco toasies, 12 scones and 7.
80 vegetarians.
The deli is friendly to dogs and karaoke, and both Lionel Ricky and Elvis Presley vinyl records have DJs and microphones.
The next step, Dinkler says, is \"everything is going to start\": they already have milk, olive oil, juice, soap, anyone who comes in to find a supplement can drink Element 29 vodka and Boxer gin.
So sit down and pour a glass of cooledoc Blanc and wait for the chill to blow over.
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