why the dick pic is our cultural legacy

by:Marslite     2019-09-13
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but today\'s human civilization has been completely bankrupt in aesthetics.
The great American novel was written decades ago. ).
The art of the film has been in a state of chaos since the fountain of blood spit out in 1977 Japanese horror films.
Hell, at the same time, represents a model of television, drama, YouTube video and modern dance.
Despite the great efforts of this generation, their artistic achievements have not reached the level of jazz or Stonehenge.
If we tell them this, they will respond with some nasty cultural mashups, such as building the Winter Solstice monument with bassoons and giving this Mufeng a Twitter account that hates himself (Bassoonhenge).
In fact, it may be the only pioneer of modern art form for human beings to walk for themselves. of-the-
Mill mobile phone genital snapshot.
Yes, the infamous \"crotch photo\" below, aka \"Dick photo\", aka \"fallopian tube photo\", aka \"table\", \"I just made up two terms 30 seconds ago.
Back in front
Mobile salad day, you can call 1-800-CALL-
ATT, briefly barking like a micro-robot, uses a computer voice to process people on the other end, \"you received a collection call from hollyfuckpickup.
Will you accept these fees?
\"The game has changed now.
The previous generations were repressed sexually, they turned their phone into nude pixels, and if Alexander Graham Bell worked part-time as King of fairies Oberon, he was like Alexander Bell ·
These days, no one with a smartphone will feel ashamed, just make up his mind, his chinos can burn him with sine wave physics and hob on the other side of the Earth
Think about it--
Civilians now have the power of Zeus;
That is to say, in front of the confused yogurt farmer, he has the ability to stand out from the clouds and the wobbly golden Olympic garbage.
In the context of history, even the most bald people
Bones data plan is eligible to become a semi-divine.
Let us remember that through the duck like a stingy god of wealth.
We are also wasting our unprecedented ability to transmit. wahs and hoo-
Hahs across time zones.
Let me say that--
Can you name an example of any crotch lens? No, you can\'t. , , . . .
These guys are not examples of Dick\'s pictures.
They are the bloody Legion of Doom.
This is the moustache.
The whole day was sending Dick photos to the Super answering machine in the judicial Hall for Wonder Woman, but forgot that Superman\'s talking pet was the owner of the switchboard.
No, if mankind is to truly enter a new golden age of peace and acceptance, as a species, we must take back the crotch from those evil forces who are trying to abuse it.
When he invented his famous printing machine, his first thought was \"I have developed a device that can promote the spread of millions of Dick photos.
\"But did he do that?
No, he printed the Bible.
Did he print an illustrated Bible with Noah, as a happy bearded penis, with everything, two after two into the ark? Of course not.
The unrecorded limit in Gutenberg\'s history should be an inspiration to all of us.
Here\'s my triple plan to save the Earth\'s cultural heritage: 3 porn certified courses are typical of most of the things I \'ve written for the Internet, and the idea of this article is budding as rapper Soulja Boy.
He claimed it was unintentional, but until one day we found the whereabouts of.
We don\'t know if this is an accident, a premeditated mass flash, or just a call for help, indicating that Soulja wants to give up the rap game and explore the job opportunities as.
This blur does not bode well for the future of crotch\'s shooting.
While smartphone science has yet to invent some kind of dick pic Mjolnir or Excalibur that judges the moral integrity of the sender, we can seek guidance from the past.
For example, take the work of science fiction pioneer and futurist Hugo gunsbackk as an example, using the golden race questionnaire, the lie detector, and the square matrix of the general wolf to reduce marriage compatibility with science
Whistle-blowing graduate student
Gernsback\'s incredibly suspicious sour grapes about being excluded from the secret lesbian pajamas party (
Many in history-
\"The irresistible beauty of women is heartbreaking and can\'t tolerate just men,\" he moaned . \")
His model proved instructive here. What if --
In order to paint a portrait of his expansion on the mainland-
Do you have to get a professional license?
You know, like a forklift operator or a Highlander coach.
What if thousands of colleges spread shopping malls on the land, issued these licenses and informed students which Instagram filters wouldn\'t make their waist look like a bucket of dead seven lam?
Hell, there might even be a thriving SAT branch
Pre-fashion books for club sandwiches (like ).
I don\'t know about you, but I think Dick is the catalyst to get the economy back on track.
As for the skinheads who refuse to take these courses, we just need to make the unlicensed use of mobile phone cameras a level 5 felony.
We all know that the Library of Congress will one day need the visual documents of liverworth Hodge you ate for lunch yesterday, but come on.
Don\'t be a jerk.
Gross domestic product was threatened.
Corporate sponsors take the time to think about the career of ice cubes.
He needs a minute.
He will star next.
And then a flash of lightningbolt-
As he did.
Yes, a little bit of free-market fairy dust can even turn the most ferocious ivory elephant into Baba, the King of elephants.
Whenever I hear Iggy Pop\'s current \"desire for life\", I don\'t want to use a comatose, almost dead Mr. Pop.
No, all of a sudden I want to do with all my 34 Non
Children of existence
We can apply the same principle to Dick\'s photos. What if --
Whenever you leave a still life in your groin for your other half ---
You can secretly make a product for one or two dollars (
A bowl of poached peppers)
Somewhere in the camera?
It seems to me that all parties benefit here.
By showing your partner that you are a hard-working person, pull yourself up with your boots and sex organs, you will benefit.
Your partner can be happy for your Horatio N algil
Like diligence, rest assured that a publicly traded can manufacturer has provided a quality seal for your reproductive system.
Rommel also won because of the vocabulary of emerging markets, narrow shots, viral commerce, TiVo, Hulu and business school.
Of course, it may take a while for a plush shirt on Madison Avenue to embrace this bold new marketing strategy, but who can say you can\'t kick
Start the trend with your own product layout?
Support small business owners in the community by throwing their addresses into the camera (
Jefferson will thank you later at Yankee Candle House 383 south of Jefferson Pike)
Or increase your personal brand by buying luxury goods.
Like this: 1 storytelling, storytelling, storytelling we mainly discuss the larger economic mechanism that makes mobile crotch shooting than social networking sites that specifically discuss sliced bread.
But what about the aesthetic dimension?
By far, the most famous Dick photo lacks any consistency in narrative.
This set a bad precedent.
For example, dick pic of Soulja Boy has no character development, ending, central conflict, props, stage lights, shows, a big nickelodeon with the words \"BIJOU\" or \"PALACE\"-
He forgot your name.
Of course, his Dick photo is independent as an experimental work, but there is one reason why it is not called a performance.
Think about how much it would improve if his dick picture doubled
Tony\'s Broadway revival
Award winning musical
Yes, the owner of the smartphone has a veritable multi-dimensional gateway in his pocket, but this narrative rarely goes beyond his pocket.
It\'s just sad.
Which of these pictures says more \"I love you\": above, or a picture of such a blurry King that comes up whenever you look at it?
Note that not all crotch lenses need to be set during the Revolutionary War, but this is not a bad idea.
In any case, just pay a little attention to the most basic storytelling rules and you will look more like Rogers and Hammerstein in Dick\'s photo, unlike strangers on the crosstown bus dressed in Arby as a sandbar menu.
Remember, the crotch lens is always (even )
So you should focus on the value of the product.
When you click send, you should anticipate the technology of the future
Archaeologists will be confused about this as if it were the tomb of Cheops.
You don\'t want to embarrass yourself in front of them, do you?
Of course you don\'t.
Your marching order is here, dear reader.
Go out and make the earth a utopia like a group of beautiful stars
The eyes are degraded.
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