why america needs cap and trade

by:Marslite     2019-09-17
Amit Chatterjee runs a Silicon Valley software company that is partly funded by the venture capital of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
Founded in 2008, the company is a new software system for large companies.
Just as these companies use Oracle and SAP\'s software to track supply chains and employees, these companies will soon track and manage energy consumption, Chatterjee said.
Victoria Barrett, deputy editor-in-chief of Forbes, met with Chatterjee to discuss Hala\'s business and put forward legislative proposals for Washington, D. C. C.
Forbes: Tell me a little bit about what Hala did.
Chatterjee: Basically, we created a tissue metabolism index for big companies.
Think of it as the physical quality index of enterprise energy.
We track the company\'s inputs, including water, energy and waste, as well as output including ash water, brown water and packaging.
Then we have a ratio that takes profit into account.
Then we can tell a company how changes in energy efficiency will affect its profits and what a quick victory is.
Semester strategy and major changes-
And the impact of these on the business.
GE recently issued a major statement in this area.
How does this affect Hara?
They and others, including Johnson Control, are doing more along the lines of monitoring sensors.
We are a software company and we can view all kinds of data in 1,400 facilities.
So people input data, not sensors. Yes.
So in the case of a customer, News Group
We have 300 people logged in and reported the latest energy, water and natural resource consumption of 1,000 facilities.
We work with TV show 24 to track the carbon footprint of explosions and stage lights.
We use carbon offset and virtualized servers to improve the energy efficiency of the show.
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