who’s the new vj?

by:Marslite     2019-10-14
Imagine talking to someone you can\'t see but can only hear or feel.
Now imagine talking to someone you can hear, feel and see.
Who do you have a better relationship?
This is the purpose of visual artists to play music in clubs, bars and other social events --
Give it a face, a personality of its own.
Just like most of us like to upload our photos on Facebook/Twitter for personal contact.
These days, visual artists have moved quickly to provide a variety of visual effects for party animals.
Unlike video jockeys who host the show and engage people in eloquence, VJ in clupar represents visual jockeys.
This VJ screens a series of clips and videos to match the music played during the event.
\"The idea is to give the guests a complete party experience.
\"They can hear, feel and even watch the music now,\" DJ Tuhin Mehta said . \".
The concept has been popular for a long time in the world, but it has only been popular in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore in the past five years.
Although it is still in its infancy in Chennai, its momentum is gradually increasing.
\"It\'s getting more and more popular in corporate events and stage shows, but it may take some time to catch up at the nightclub here,\" said Dinraj, commonly known as VJ a1 ive, the first visual jockey in Chennai.
Dinraj has performed at many parties and events, and he feels that people usually don\'t quite understand that someone actually performs visual effects on the spot.
\"I use more live-
Better than computer-generated visuals.
Each part of the lens must be edited to play as a loop. Editing live-
\"Action shots are more interesting than generating loops on a computer,\" he said . \".
In addition to VJs, there is also DVJs.
These are dj\'s, and they perform both activities together as visual artists.
\"They mix DVDs, these include tracks for audio and video,\" he explains . \".
This process also helps to build rapport with the track.
Usually, viewers may not respond to a new or non-popular song.
They may even stand and not dance.
With the visual effect of music playing, it helps the audience to connect with the song.
Toshin gave an example, saying: \"drums and bass are not popular here, but if I see and play it here, people say \'Oh wow!
It\'s not easy to keep people alert.
Just as the DJ works on his music, neither can the visual artist let his video stand still and must continue to create the video.
\"VJ\'s creative arsenal is just as good as his squad.
There are many ways to get a loop.
I tend to generate computer loops myself.
Some of them are repeated from projects I did before.
Some loops are purchased from the popular VJ loop repository.
I don\'t use them very often, though.
For live video, I use Artbeats (www. artbeats. com)
Dinraj said he collected about 4,500 cycles.
It took him a few lakh to build it.
Working at syncThe DJ, visual artists must work in sync with each other.
Ideally the two would need to practice together, but Dinraj said, \"I know what kind of music each DJ plays.
For people like Tuhin, I will use high-
But for others, depending on the music he plays, the visuals may vary.
From water drops to different themes like even Bevis and pig heads, visual clips can vary, making people laugh.
Tuhin wisely added, \"everyone\'s attention span is super minute.
You need to make good use of this.
The experience you can provide to people is fascinating.
It\'s a sensory explosion when you add visuals one night.
You have \"seen\" the music and it is charming!
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