where can you do curling in the uk?

by:Marslite     2019-09-01
It seems that everyone has curling heat now.
Pyeongchang has renewed interest in the sport and people want to get involved in a more hands-on wayon.
Even from-
The Team has been using hashtag curlingiscoolfool and the pep speech to the US Team to widely post tweets about curling.
This may be because it looks less laborious than many other movements, or the result may be a nail
Very close, it provides considerable pleasure.
However, curling seems easier to do compared to other winter sports such as skiing or bones (
Where will you practice? ).
It\'s easy to get involved in curling, and there are curling clubs in ice rinks all over the UK.
, Where you can search for places where there are clubs or practice matches nearby.
In Britain, there is only one curling ice rink near Tunbridge Wells, called the Fenton ice rink.
In Wales, the deep side ice rink is your best choice, and the Welsh Curling is holding a try curling competition after the Winter Olympics so that those who are interested can try the water.
There are 22 curling facilities in Scotland, some of which are dedicated to the sport, while others add ice. Skating and skatinghockey too.
In London, it\'s more of a social game than a serious sporting place.
They have 8 ice lanes under disco lights and discos where you can drink while playing and partying.
It depends on the club you go to, whether you have to wear any specific clothes or bring anything with you.
Ask first and then be ready to enjoy on the ice!
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