when that dizziness turns out to be vertigo

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Most of us take our sense of balance for granted. My brother-in-
John Heinrich is no longer so extravagant.
About 10 years ago, John entered the emergency room with dizziness.
His eyes moved fast back and forth, disgusting.
\"Violence is the right thing to say,\" he said . \"
Taking Anding can temporarily relieve the condition, but the situation continues as he seeks help from a doctor.
John\'s story is disturbing, but a lot of people are having trouble with their vestibular system, which helps the body sense the direction of space and movement.
\"70% people in the United StatesS.
At some point in their lives, experience the problems of their vestibular system, \"P said.
Nervous system expert Ashley wacky
Eye specialist at Legacy Health, Portland, Oregon. Vertigo —
Dizziness or difficulty in balance
Is a common reason why people seek medical help.
Usually, the symptoms are short
Terminology issues such as ear infection.
At other times, problems remain.
This is the most difficult time to diagnose the situation that causes dizziness.
In fact, researchers have recently described a new disease of the vestibular system, 1998.
In this case, called the half-round tube split, an opening of the tube in the inner ear causes dizziness and/or hearing impairment.
Stun of torture
Accompanied by related symptoms, such as ringing in the ear or hearing your own eyes flash --
It\'s annoying and hard to describe.
\"Patients will feel lonely and lonely,\" said Cynthia Ryan, executive director of the Portland-based Hall Disease Association.
For people with chronic vertigo, a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis is a common story.
Mr. Wackym said his patients usually reported seeing four to ten doctors before they came. My brother-in-
The law finally found a doctor of ears, nose and throat who ruled out many reasons for chronic vertigo before being diagnosed
Viral infection caused permanent damage to his inner ear nerves
\"This is a process of elimination,\" John said . \"
Our sense of balance depends on the visual information of our eyes, the mechanical input of the joints, and the movement and position information of our inner ear.
All of this is integrated into the brain and tells us where we are in space. In my brother-in-
In law\'s case, he lost the input of his left ear, which cheated his brain and made him feel out of balance and dizzy.
John spent months on physiotherapy, focusing on retraining the brain to make up for the missing data.
\"It took me six months to go well,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s like a family movie when someone walks with a camera: The image is jumping.
This is what I saw when I was walking.
That\'s what I have to get used. ”More-
The common cause of dizziness is the accumulation of liquid in the inner ear
It\'s called menille-
Benign positional vertigo, I . e. , BPPV, in which calcium carbonate crystals fall off from their position in the inner ear and migrate to the canal.
Some drugs and diseases can also cause dizziness.
At Meinier, the focus of treatment is to reduce the fluid in the inner ear.
In BPPV, patients receive Epley operations in which their heads move slowly through several different positions to clear the crystals.
\"It\'s like tilting the pinball machine and letting the silver ball go where you want to go,\" says David Ze, professor of neurology and otolaryngology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.
Dizziness is associated with migraine in some people.
Sudden onset of extreme dizziness can occur with or without a headache.
Like the visual aura associated with migraine, Zee says it\'s a vestibular aura.
Sometimes these episodes are triggered by observing things in motion, \"like disco lights or action movies,\" Zee said . \".
Dizziness may be a symptom of a stroke. While 2.
Every year, 6 million Americans enter the emergency room with vertigo, of which only about 4% have suffered a stroke. Zee said an eye.
Motion check is sometimes better than MRI scan to find out the insideear problems.
A new device that looks like goggles is being tested by Dr. John Hopkins to measure the Interior
The ears near the bed soon went wrong.
\"It\'s like the EKG of the eye,\" Zee said . \".
At the same time, Wisconsin is the season for duck hunting. My brother-in-
As he has done most of his life, the law will disappear, but he does not want to bring home a bird. The three-
The size coordination required for swing guns and shooting moving objects exposes his balance deficit to the maximum.
Even in daily life, he says, his situation is unpleasant.
\"But what if it was the worst thing that happened to me?
I can handle it.
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