when fashion week gets ugly: a look back on the scandals, fights and front row feuds

by:Marslite     2019-10-21
Ah, don\'t you like the taste of elitism at the end of summer? When Minaj broke her silence on the Apple Music Beats 1 Queen\'s Radio Show incident, she said it was \"so humiliating\" to experience it all in front of such a \"upper tier\" crowd \".
\"I will never forget the way they walked as they watched this disgusting commotion,\" she recalls . \".
\"I am ashamed.
\"But the thing is this: the battle between Minaj and Cardi B is far from the first\" ugly \"event of decline during NYFW, half
The annual event, with a long history of fighting, display and collapse of the venue, was well injured
Attend in costume.
In fact, drama can be in the backthe-
There have been recent reports that Mark Jacobs has deliberately delayed the start of his show (
Always the most punctual one)
To prevent them from participating in Rihanna\'s brutal x Fenty Lingerie show, the show took Rihanna\'s finale.
Some guests left for her performance.
It\'s not a massive outflow, but it\'s worth noting that \"according to The Daily Beast, Jacobs\'s show is an hour and a half behind schedule.
While he did not address Rihanna\'s rumors directly, Jacobs \"sincerely apologizes\" and explains on Instagram for his lateness, including a list of facts, rather than \"excuses \".
\"I am wishful thinking that in the circumstances we face, we can do everything that needs to be done for the show,\" he wrote as one of the facts. \"I was wrong.
It\'s not because everyone is not doing everything or giving more, life is sometimes like this.
First big dust
What happened on aMichael Kors\'s show in 1990 has been recorded, which was held in an attic space . . . . . . This is obviously unfinished because the plaster fell from the ceiling to the heads of some of the industry\'s top critics, and THEAnna Wintoureven helped them to Pelle from the head.
Can you imagine what happened today (
Oh, the meme we could have. )
Kors \'is not the only major designer to deal with site issues, as several guests were injured by falling lighting equipment during a performance by Diane von Furstenberg on 2005.
A world fashion marketing director who needs stitches after a head injury sued the designer for medical expenses and pain and suffering.
On 2003, the scandal of former Project Runway judge Kors will break out again, when PETA was in Wintour and (gasp! )
Sarah Jessica Parker
This is not the first time that PETA has vandalized activities to protest against the use of animal fur and skin, as they also threw red paint at the fashion show at Randolph Duke in 2000, an event that could spark paint
The scene in the movie \"Sex and the City. (
Oh my God, Samantha missed New York! )
Of course, if you don\'t put some real housewives in it, you won\'t be able to revisit the past NYFW drama, and the ladies of RHONY certainly have their front row dilemma as well.
On 2008, Jill Zalin rushed out of the Lucca show for not sitting in the front row.
She later tried to explain her behavior and said: \"I had a bad day and was in a bad mood,\" she wanted to go home to see her daughter on the first day of school.
On the Palmyra Rowland show in 2010, Bernini Frankel and Lu An de lesps fell into a heated debate when the Skinner girl tycoon believed that Lu was in contact
\"I don\'t like you. I think you\'re a snake,\" Frankel said . \"
The congressional response is \"you hate it, I\'m not going to do it here.
\"But Frankel\'s fashion week drama hasn\'t been completed because she was sitting in co-
Star/enemy Kelly kelloren Ben Simon
Awkward tension and name
Get off immediately!
According to the gospel of page 6, just in the past NYFW, the current roster of New York ladies apparently caused some kind of buzz on Pamela Roland\'s show.
Dorinda Medley, Ramona singers, Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer are all reportedly filming for the show, which is \"disruptive\" to other attendees \".
If the singer shouted everyone \"eat an Xanax\", there is no news yet! Calm down!
\"At the very least, Ms RHONY\'s appearance on a show got someone fired, and that\'s what happened to Hillary Clinton\'s terrible wife of shop-owner, Kelly kuttron, 2009, she had Ashley Dupree on the Igal asuel show.
Don\'t remember who Duprel was, ready for the explosion of past political scandals, because she was the one who hooked up with the then governor of New York State, Elliot Spitzer.
\"After showing off his fall/winter 2009 series, Igal asuel decided to fire on the front line --of-
The New York Daily News reported that \"the House PR company of the people\'s revolution is not well managed,\" said a press release sent after the event.
Cutrone was as cool as a cucumber and told the newspaper, \"I \'ve been fired before and I\'ll be fired again.
This is the essence of our industry, and I will not be unhappy.
\"Someone was a little frustrated after an incident at Nicole Kidman at Fashion Week for very good reasons: on 2013, she was knocked down by paparazzi on a bike trail outside the hotel.
\"It\'s too bad, but I\'m back,\" Oscar winner told E ! \"!
News after the terrorist incident, caught-camera.
\"It could be terrible,\" she added in the way paparazzi sometimes invaded.
But the saddest thing happened in 2012. year-
Old socialite Zelda Kaplan has died in designer Joanna mostroni.
\"I was sitting next to her.
\"She fell down on my lap,\" published fashion calendar Ruth Finley told The Associated Press.
\"The show is just beginning.
I thought she fainted.
Two men took her out.
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