when east meets west

by:Marslite     2019-10-12
This week, opera lovers should be very happy with Alan Kent\'s opera and ballet international performances, two legendary works of Verdi, as well as Puccini of kishiau, Moldova.
For 17 years, Kent has been bringing in the best opera and ballet companies from Eastern Europe.
They certainly appreciate it in Eastern Europe.
The rise of the Soviet Union means the generosity of the past.
The opera and ballet companies that supported them suddenly became penniless and did not know where to turn.
Kent\'s proposal to travel to the West appears to be a divine intervention, and she has won medals in Ukraine and Moldova in recognition of her work.
This is a woman with always high goals.
For example, at the grand opening of the Channel tunnel, she arranged for the Romanian National Opera House to travel on a private jet from Ceaucescu.
Or in the summer, she was invited to bring a Carmen to Qatar to entertain Emir and 4,500 guests.
The spacious banquet hall at Sheraton Doha Hotel has been transformed into a huge theater;
Sound technicians are imported from Germany and lights from the United States.
The rooms feature carved wooden dressing rooms with long mirrors, gilt furniture, linen curtains and air conditioning.
Cargo planes for clothing and sets, private passenger planes for the company.
Kent\'s eyes were on the distance.
\"What can you do when money is not a goal. . .
\"When 11 hours, the emir stipulates that there should be no sexual suggestion, that there should be no touch, that there should be no naked flesh --
Carmen runs for no more than two and a half hours.
Kent, not affected.
Rehearsed the whole production.
The opera was applauded by the audience, and the opera International premiered Carmen in the Bay Area.
Now, she brings Aida and Nabucco of Verdi to Irish audiences, the huge touring truck that was unloaded at the Cork Opera House today, limmerick on Thursday, the Dublin spiral on Saturday.
In fact, the audience in Dublin will get La Boheme from kishiau as a second work, not Nabucco.
In each case, however, we can expect spectacular, dramatic, beautiful and quite a few special effects, as well as first-class quality singing.
Ada, perhaps the most magnificent of all Verdi\'s operas, includes spectacular ballets, stunning sets inspired by the Valley of Kings, and costumes based on tomb paintings.
In the classic Triumph March, we got a real wall of fire.
Also, Nabucco is a very good one in the tradition
Stage productions featuring gorgeous sets, costumes, lights and stage effects enhance a powerful story of jealousy, revenge, and destruction.
Kent has a keen sense of theater and the absolute qualities of the kishiau National Opera House, the National Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Ballet and the international guest soloists, these performances will most likely turn many performances into brilliant and beautiful of this type.
* Opera House Cork: Aida, October 22, Nabucco, October 23. 021-4270022.
Nabaco, October 24, October 25. 061-331549.
Dublin: Aida, October 26, La Boheme, October 27. 01-7007000.
Sing in Italian with English subtitles. try {_402_S }
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