what is retinitis pigmentosa, can amar latif’s condition cause total blindness, how is it treated and is there a cure?

by:Marslite     2019-10-03
The possibility of losing sight may sound terrible, but there are ways to make your life easier if your vision is deteriorating.
Amar Latif, a British entrepreneur and host, talked about his struggle with ret inflammation and even created a travel company for visually impaired tourists.
Retinal pigmentation is a genetic disease that affects the eyes and causes visual loss.
This is inherited from parents and symptoms include difficulty in seeing in the dark and decreased peripheral vision.
Early symptoms usually occur in childhood, and with the deterioration of the condition, the retina cells stop working and end up dying, which means that your eyes cannot handle the light that enters it.
According to the NHS, one out of every 3,000 people is affected. 4,000 people.
While complete blindness is not common, it does continue to deteriorate, resulting in more severe blindness.
After the night and peripheral vision is affected, it often affects reading vision, color vision and central vision (straight-ahead).
The onset of symptoms varies in age, but the deterioration is usually very slow and usually takes several years.
Currently, there is no cure for ret inflammation, but there are some treatments that can slow the progress of the disease.
Mobile training can teach people to use crutches or guide dogs, and there are special glasses to enlarge the central vision.
There are also computer programs for reading text aloud, as well as portable lighting devices for adjusting dim environments.
Amir Latif is a British entrepreneur, TV presenter, actor, director, traveler and motivational speaker
And the pigment.
He founded Traveleyes, an international airline travel operator dedicated to blind travelers and people with good eyesight.
It was founded in 2005 and the goal of Amar is to ensure that visually impaired travelers are still able to travel around the world.
Amar even serves as a tour guide on behalf of the company.
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