what bts fans can expect in new jersey after a pair of sold-out shows in chicago

by:Marslite     2019-09-13
Show in Chicago last weekend and attend more than 100,000 in the race K-
The pop sensation BTS will end their 2019 North American tour in New Jersey this weekend on two nights at the Metropolitan Life Stadium.
Despite the weather in Chicago\'s 40 s last Saturday, raincoats-
Dressed fans flocked five hours before the show time to the merch stand off the soldier\'s field, with long lines stretching from the shore Avenue to the stadium.
Even in the field of pop music, BTS is a sense of marketing, in this field of music, t-
Shirts, backpacks and other branded items.
Even if the group traveled to New York after a show in Chicago, fans still gathered in the crowded downtown pop-up shop on State Street for a whole week.
The BTS New York pop-up is now near Chelsea in Manhattan and will continue until Monday.
In New York,
Pop star paid tribute to the Beatles on Wednesday in a late Show recorded with Stephen Colbert, who saw the band wearing a hat in the same theater performed on Ed Sullivan Show 50-five years ago.
This is an ironic moment because BTS recorded their third first record on the Billboard 200 album chart within 11 months of releasing soul map: Characters in April.
According to the bulletin board, the previous \"traditional group\" was the Beatles.
Although American pop singers like Halsey appeared in the BTS single \"Luv boys\", most of the Korean group\'s songs were not sung in English.
Although it began to change, BTS has not received major radio broadcasts in the United States. S. as a result.
This begs the question, how does BTS get to the top of the US album charts three times in less than a year?
The answer shows a change in the way American music is consumed.
The radio used to push the numbers, but young BTS fans at the soldier\'s stadium soon took YouTube as their initial form of contact with the group.
Even though even marketing machines like the classic rock band KISS can\'t sell candles for condoms merch outlets, the two do share a nickname for their audience: Army.
In Chicago on Saturday night, the BTS Army portrayed rampant Beatles images for the parents in the crowd, and fierce screams often drowned out performances on stage.
Set up a huge stage in the North End area of the Chicago football field, there is a way to run, it runs to about 50 yards, where a huge second stage sits on the ground.
The video screen dominates the terminal area stage, and with the group\'s opening event, the video screen doubles to show the 20-minute video of the BTS before taking the stage in Chicago.
Usual stadium facilities
Fireworks, fog, ribbons and paper scraps
Like a zipline, it originated on that stage, and during the \"happy\" period, a singer Jungkook ran around the stadium.
\"While fire and fog sometimes dominate litigation, the most impressive element of the Chicago interactive production on Saturday was the BTS army itself.
The number of fans buying the official light pole is incredible.
The BTS light pole is a handheld device that lights up in various colors.
Fans registered the device on the Soldier Field with their number of knots, and throughout the show, the lamp poles were programmed to glow synchronously by number of knots, showing a lot of unique visuals throughout the night
The BTS concert is a wonder.
Musicians can\'t be seen anywhere on the stage, and the glow sticks provide some of the most amazing visuals of the whole show.
The Poles were sold at the soldier\'s yard for $55.
\"Chicago just stopped raining!
\"You bless us,\" said Nanjoon, a BTS member . \".
\"Thank you so much for your love and support,\" he continued, as every member of the band spoke earlier on Saturday night in Chicago, \"not today.
\"Are you ready to fly with us ? \"
The group asked with exaggeration to stage a performance of \"Outro: Wings.
\"During the opening game\" wine god \", a large group of dancers surrounded seven members of the BTS, and Jimin then occupied the central stage in the\" unexpected discovery.
Dressed in black and white, the singer did his best to voice Michael Jackson at one of the most introspective moments on the show.
During this \"love yourself\" tour, BTS only performed in three American cities.
No doubt, like this weekend\'s BTS show in New Jersey, the first few nights in Chicago and Los Angeles were destination concerts attended by fans from all over the country.
In Chicago on Saturday, a fan named Kristin said she drove her children from Minnesota to the concert for six hours due to the positive message from the band.
As the BTS once unthinkable mainstream crossover success continues in the US, see what impact it has and whether it is for further K-pop success. “Don’t worry -
The Chicago army is going to stop the rain!
The group said on a stage in Chicago on Saturday that they mentioned a sound check for rain soak earlier in the afternoon.
\"Your fans have given us a miracle.
The spring rain in South Korea is coming. we will definitely think of Chicago!
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