what a young wife ought to know, with its focus on pregnancy and childbirth, is shocking and necessary

by:Marslite     2019-09-27
What a young wife should know is written by Hannah Moscow, directed by Christian Barry.
Until April 7, on the tram at 345 Carlaw Street. crowstheatre. com and 647-341-
7390 this 2015 drama by Hannah Moscow Vich is sad, shocking and necessary.
It is located in a 1920-square-meter apartment in Ottawa and tells the story of a young woman named Sophie. Liisa Repo-Martell)
Cope with fertility and desire in extreme poverty.
It\'s important, but also challenging, that the subject feels uncomfortable, but why?
Want to have sex, have sex and deal with possible results
Pregnancy and Childbirth
It is some of the most basic aspects of human existence, but even now, it is not harmonious to openly explore these aspects.
The keen wisdom of Moscow\'s writing begins with the title of the show, which sounds like a sacred booklet that can help Sophie and women like her.
The show includes Vich Moscow from real-
Life letter at the beginning of the 20 th
Century family planning advocates, ask for advice on how not to get pregnant, how to terminate pregnancy and how to help women survive childbirth.
When Sophie spoke for the first time, the audience saw her directly, and she was wrapped in the arms of her sister Alma (Rebecca Parent)
We knew very quickly that he had died of a bad abortion.
The impression is that Sophie has been saying directly to us over the years: \"Ladies, you\'re here, are you?
Can you tell your husband?
\"It\" is a way to stop having children and she won\'t be shy because she doesn\'t use another word.
She doesn\'t know what to call it, because no one has ever talked about it, not her abusive mother, or several doctors she visited at the age of 75 --minute drama.
Moscovitch breaks through the seriousness of the material by including some recognizable aspects of romantic comedy, at least in the first place, because Sophie was maffhandd Jonny (
David Patrick Fleming)
An Irish immigrant.
Skillfully Moscovitch fleshes the character of Johnny, a series of commentary on the play, giving him an Awakening Society
Economic awareness through trade union participation.
Having children with Sufi duo not only satisfied his strong desire for the family, but also responded to classicism and racism against Irish immigrants.
But his wife and Sophie thought it would kill him to have more children.
Use the limited words and concepts she can use
It is wrong to let them live in poverty.
Their arguments are heartbreaking and primitive, and their desires are presented as the only thing that can keep them away from the darkness. Repo-
Martell hosts the film with extraordinary emotional openness.
She always makes repeated calls on the stage to switch from moments of extreme pain, sadness and ununderstanding to speaking directly to us.
She wiped her face and nose and continued to move forward, layering the endurance and life environment of the performance challenge with the character.
Halifax 2b theater staged the work for the first time three years ago, and after running in Ottawa and London Ont in 2018, it arrived at the Crow theater.
Also in B. C.
The show adds the necessary current dialogue on women\'s representation, gender inequality and women\'s sexuality.
While Leigh Ann Valdi\'s lighting and fog effects can be of great help in compensation, minimalist production may make more sense in smaller theaters, but this is in some way
Life in Sophie, Joni, and Alma is small and limited by limited resources and social conservatism, but their fate is important because it represents the fate of many others.
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