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by:Marslite     2019-09-12
Behind the city, bring comedy to the front line of the national spotlight with Ha!
22 minutes this hour, Halifax is full of local fun.
Bill Wood of the cult
The classic sketch group Picnicface recognizes the power and absurdity of making Halifax comics stand out.
He said with a smile that they were the \"Mavs \".
Wood has been active on the scene since the beginning of 2000, when he said the comic company had to shorten the stage time because there were very few local performances.
\"In order to attract the attention of the audience, we have to develop an interesting way,\" Wood said, because most comedy shows are staged in the bar.
This tenacity became the cornerstone of Halifax comedians.
Wood will return to Halifax\'s home this spring, and there is no doubt that the sights he leaves will continue to be as \"diverse and sensible\" as he left \".
Let\'s get to know some of the scenes where Halifax stands up is the driving force for today as the locals love to grow and nurture young comics.
Veterans share friendship with those who have embarked on a path similar to torture, a path that becomes a wealth for both sides.
There are a few shows here-
The runner who kept Halifax lively for a week: The Big Monday at the Gus bar just celebrated the fifth year of running.
Andrew Vaughan, who co-hosted the North End staple with Martin Edwards, said that watching cartoons move from the stage to paid shows was the reason why his work was worth it.
\"The talent we have here is full of amazing comics, with different perspectives, going around and telling jokes, but seeing Halifax as a home,\" Vaughan said . \".
Chanel Frier, who has been active in Halifax\'s comics since 2012, opens the microphone on Tuesday every week in the oasis and is the champion of the new comics.
\"It\'s powerful to share and verify your experience,\" she said . \".
The next start of comedy?
Mark Crich has a suggestion for you. Friere]
\"One of the best joke writers I know,\" said Bill Wood . \".
Friere said: \"We have to be trolls that guard the bridge, which means that they have to make hyper-
New comics that are offensive or hurtful are on their stage.
\"Comedy can heal people, it\'s not disappointing them,\" she said.
Catherine Robertson hosts comedy time Wednesday night at the House of Blues and ribs in Bearly.
This is a good place-of-
Prepare for the City headlines at Yuk Yuks over the weekend, as well as Robertson\'s carefully curated lineup.
12-12 said: \"We have grown into a very exciting and diverse scene with high quality independent programming
Old Robertson.
High Life Social Club\'s open air smoke comedy show is a marijuana show every Thursday night
Friendly room hosted by Rick McGray.
McGray is a charming and interesting host with a good atmosphere.
Thursday is also a key moment.
Rest at Yuk Yuks every weekend.
Canada\'s largest comedy chain Club continues to thrive within the Westin New Scottsdale hotel in downtown Halifax.
In addition to providing new-
Talent show on Wednesday, it dominates the weekend with consistent travel headlines every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
To end the weekend, the most popular local Dan henderricken hosted the stupid moose comedy and wings by snigily Wiggily\'s. HA-
What must happen
Watch the Comedy Festival 2019
In addition to Tuesday\'s show, Friere recently hosted a monthly comedy show on a professional skateboard on kunpur Road.
The lineup is more well planned, usually made up of travel professionals and local hit songs, but in the space rented by skateboarding shops, it\'s like a millennial bar.
Their shows in February 15 included \"Nothing to talk about\", \"Garoni\" and \"Kevin Schutter\".
Tuesday is also home to a brand.
New program for good robot Brewing Company, attended by 22-minute writers and guests
Test the formatting of new materials.
Good robots like to laugh at themselves
Joshua Cecil, who has been appointed a comedy enthusiast, personally helped Halifax\'s comedy scene stay strong.
\"There are too many talents and the stage is not enough,\" the company said.
The founder of a good robot in the north.
So he built his own stage.
The top floor of the good robot is now specially decorated as a comedy venue.
There is a suitable stage lamp and a comfortable dance performance.
Like seating, all people are accompanied by trained professionals to eliminate unruly customers.
In just a few weeks, they have received a salesperson.
There\'s Jon Dole on the weekend and there\'s a 22 minute variety show on Tuesday.
The next start of comedy?
Andrew Phung\'s advice to you is that this good robot hosts an outdoor comedy show in the summer, but they are now ready to laugh all year round.
After Dore\'s recent success, Counsil plans to book more weekly headlines with local hosts and openers.
Big Gay comedy show sadam Myatt and Lindsay Dauphinee are the best friends and comediansmonthly, queer-friendly stand-up shows.
In just over a year, the two sold out at the Sea Horse Wine restaurant, and both brands had a lineup --
New experienced comedian.
By providing stage time for newer comics in an LGBTQ atmosphere, they say, it not only cultivates new talent, but also opens up a whole new stage for finding similar audiencesminded comedy.
Another comedian, Friere, said the performances of Myatt and Dauphinee were very much needed. \"[They are]
Give a voice to those who feel \"the other\" and show that we can all keep space for each other.
\"Adam and Lindsay were present as production names to be aware. Ha!
Ifax ComedyFestHalifax is the host of one of the best comedy festivals of the year in Canada, with winnieg and Winnipeg comedy festivals.
Every April, top talent from around the world flock to the Marine Times for four days of sales --
Joy on TV.
Among the Canadians who choose this year\'s famous attractions, Montreal\'s most popular formerpat Eman El-Husseini, Juno-
Nominate Chanty Marostica and Halifax for the latest comicsin-
Nick Martinello apartment
Without the presence of Mark Clichy and Trent McClellan, it would not be a comedy festival in Halifax.
This year, the winners of the CBC Comedy\'s next UP contest will receive a submission-based quota at the festival. Laugh-
It is worth mentioning that Haligonian podcastthe boy PodcastWhat started chatting with chronic diseases as three friends is now more than one
Platform for laughter
Treatment content machine.
Their website has links to episodes, videos, and delightful blogs from useful contributors.
Weekly podcasts invite comedians to choose their drinks and have an unfiltered heart-to-
Host Sarah McClellan\'s heart about comedy, sex and life lessons.
The podcast is about to usher in 100 episodes.
Our favorite Canadian comedy podcast is interested in improvisation?
Hello, city improvement. Monthly impromptu performance at the bus station theater
Op was voted 2nd best comedy night in the best Halifax 2018 vote on the coast, only defeated by Yuk Yuks.
The local improvise performed the theme short play for the loyal audience, which was well received.
The bus stop Theater is an independentfor-
The profit site reflects the grassroots efforts of local artists to keep the scene alive.
Do you think it\'s funny?
Show us what you have.
Submit your most interesting material to the next talent search for CBC Comedy until February 21, 2019.
The winner will have the opportunity to perform at 2019 Ha! Ifax ComedyFest.
Enter now and find more details in cbc. ca/nextup.
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