wave goodbye to hi-de-hi: butlin\'s used to be a byword for cheap and cheerful - but with a £40m pool and art deco glitz it makes bognor feel like miami

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
Oh, it\'s fun.
I\'m rushing down a sink shaped like a huge rock stick to race against three cold riders less than half my age.
Fly over your stomach
I was in a hurry and suddenly stopped flying. in last place.
In the blink of an eye, I saw the fast trio getting impatient. \'Go again? \' Of course.
We will be having a weekend event at the bogno Regis Hotel (Bognor Regis) in Butlin, this persistent holiday camp brand has just launched a new splash pool complex of £ 40 millionIt\'s an oh-so-Art Deco style
Pay tribute to the nostalgia of the British waterfront.
There\'s a red one next to the rock slide. and-
White helter skelter sink, colorful beach cottage, wave pool and plenty of tot-
Friendly excitement.
From the outside, in their twentiesstyle white-
On the Ocean Drive in Miami, the washed exterior is inserted.
It\'s been about 30 years since my last flip
Failed on a Butlin border.
The 80 s childhood spent on the coast of Lincoln County was comparable to what we call Skegness or Skeggie\'s trip.
Memory is suspicious: Blue
The skin in the outdoor pool is numb, and the greasy fries are squeezed out of the water.
The bar ceiling was covered with ketchup and billowing cigarette smoke.
In the 21st century, I was unparalleled here.
Million miles from Hi. de-Hi!
Broke up with me.
I\'m glad to see some of the old people here with their grandchildren.
This shiny flagship resort, sandwiched between the verdant South Downs and the winsome shingle beach and the great blue of the English Channel, is part of love --
Letter to Billy Brin\'s original visioncons resort.
And landscaping;
The rosemary, lavender, quirky Cornwall palms swaying in the breeze are really inspiring.
After convincing three friends to come with their own brothers, I was with a bunch of quite a few people, eight adults and eight children.
I\'m a little worried about this French family.
I have a horrible feeling like floss, slot machine and red coat
Yes, the famous jewelry keeper of the brand is still very present.
Probably not so good, La Manche.
We have adjacent rooms in swish-
Top half Ocean Hotel in batterlin-
Board accommodation, which is a huge 60-acre site.
There are also two hotels and a modern cabinself-
Catering accommodation-
Further off the beach. Our sea-
We soon agreed that the book was a work of architectural genius.
They neatly hid a lovely children\'s room in the way of Russian dolls --
Comfortable night lights and a little TV
In the main layout.
Struggling with the countless activities of Bryn
Archery, bowling, zipwiring, mini-golf, street-
Dance class, the list continues.
Can provide a special exhaustion, it is helpful to have a little space between each other.
What is the only thing that can stop sleep in those genius rooms?
Disco lights on the bed.
At three o\'clock A. M. in the afternoon, I managed to make us fall from sleep into Ibiza --
Accidentally press the switch, style carnival.
We eat in the canteen.
Buffet style and quality for the first nightand range —
The food tastes impressive.
A friendly lady cut me some honey. Roast Ham.
I added stuffed peppers and slow.
Grilled vegetables and would like to know where all this is for the holiday camp that once had a serious image problem.
Butlin was born in 1936, when Billy Butlin, an entrepreneur at the British beach resort, was frustrated by a dull hotel and bought a piece of land in Skegness.
The slogan \"Our real intention is for your happiness\" quoted in Shakespeare\'s Midsummer Night Dream became his mantra (
Hanging on the wall of the new pool)
And, after
After the war broke out, nine more burlene appeared all over Britain.
All but three, Bognor, Skegness and mayenhead, have been closed for a long time.
However, there are retro references where we turn.
We dine at the traditional fish and chips restaurant in the main square, with one side of our food-
Part of kitsch
There used to be blackand-
A white snapshot of a beautiful woman on the wall;
We found an interesting Om Pom on the cocktail menu; (a rum-
Wine-based in pick \'n mix paper bag)
The chefs deliver food through a hatch with the words \"Oh, we do like to be by the Sea.
Bagging a £ 16 table for black line fish and chips on Saturday night is not an amazing thing, but the staff was obviously busy and made it happen.
The children ate shabby sausages and chips, while the adult table chose a more refined choice;
Grilled Bass with Stone
The salt pea and gin cooler is of great value over £ 20.
The pool and playground attracted us during the day, but most of the night was high --
Skyline Pavilion is a huge white tent, where the main recreational facilities are located.
Like Las Vegas, who walked into a small country.
There\'s a large arcade here.
Bowling Alley, pool table, theater, bar and cafe.
Like the city of sin, this is a strange hypnosis and you will want to know how you walk in and browse quickly, and after two hours you introduce your fiveyear-Gambling is old.
The good side;
£ 50 £ 1 in Scooby-themed two-
Penny slot machine is great value.
A little bit of healthy competition is brewing, and the most important thing is in the playground where there is a mirror Hall, Hooka-
Duck and dodgems are an old-school treat.
I called Violet\'s dad three times. fired go-
He looks a little hurt.
Our Group of 8-year-olds loved the independence of exploring alone as they knew they would find us on the terrace of the kaleidoscope bar overlooking it.
By Sunday morning, some adults
Ups decided to go to the spa as suspendeda wallet-
Friendly 22 for two hours.
We bake in the spacious sauna, shivering in the snow hole (-16c)and slow-
Dig in the outdoor spa tub and wonder who thinks it\'s a good idea to put disco balls next to the rainshower. Weather-
We are lucky.
Mother Nature opened the charm and provided the cloudless sky in our three months. night stay.
We came to the pebbles on the south coast twice and found crabs and paddled.
Is this as fun in the rain?
No, but indoor pool, live show
Men, Sleeping Beauty and Paddington-
And the skyline;
There\'s a lot of drizzle-
Proof of entertainment.
The prospect of saying goodbye to our roomwithin-a-
Tears filled the room. and an Oscar-
Monologue worth it
From now on.
Seven-year-old Bell
\"I will miss the Mirror Hall and I will miss the pancakes at breakfast. . .
Why can\'t we go to Butlin school?
She was crying when we got on the bus.
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