watson buys women\'s health company uteron pharma

by:Marslite     2019-09-30
Watson Pharma, a pharmaceutical company
On Wednesday, it said it had completed an agreement to expand its women\'s health business to acquire Uteron Pharma SA, a Belgian drug developer, for $0. 15 billion. front cash.
Watson, this is an ordinary brand.
Uteron said that name and biosimilar medicines may receive an additional $0. 155 billion in future milestone payments, depending on whether the product it is testing is approved for sale.
Uteron, headquartered in Liege, Belgium, is a branch of Liege University.
The company has developed several women\'s health products.
Including a contraceptive device, the next
A generation of birth control pills containing natural hormone estrogen and a test to improve the success rate of input
In vitro fertilization
It\'s a technique that helps infertility couples combine eggs with sperm on a lab plate and then transfer the resulting embryos to the female uterus.
Uteron\'s first product could be an intrauterine device called Zuo set.
Long-term contraception, treatment of excessive menstrual bleeding.
The device is waiting for approval in several EU countries and may be available there this year. It\'s in late-
Phase test in USAS.
The market, if approved, can be launched in 2014.
Watson, based in Parsippany, New Jersey. J.
, Has the right to sell Zuo set in the Western European market, and cooperates with two other companies to sell Zuo set in the US marketS.
There are also some Eastern European countries.
Another seed intrauterine product, Diafert, a test kit for determining the quality of female eggs
In vitro fertilization can improve the success rate of embryo transfer.
This may help couples get pregnant during a lower cost cycle
In vitro fertilization
The third Watson in the world-
Diafert, the largest generic manufacturer, said approval is expected in the EU in the second half of this year, after which it will be launched.
It can be approved in the United States. S. in 2014.
Watson has exclusive global marketing rights to Diafert.
Uteron has another product in mid
Stage patient test of Estelle contraceptive.
They contain a new natural estrogen that is considered safer than other oral contraceptives.
Estelle will launch globally in 2018.
In addition, Uteron has potential products in early development, including Colvir for the treatment of vaginal infections.
Watson\'s shares rose 43 cents to $85 in the afternoon. 69.
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