watch: queens of the stone age guitarist josh homme kicks photographer in head

by:Marslite     2019-09-08
On Saturday night Josh Homme kicked a female photographer in the head at the aChristmas concert in Los Angeles and sent her to the hospital.
In a show in Los Angeles, you can see the Stone Age guitarist and the Queen of the lead singer playing Chelsea Lauren. A.
Christmas night on radio KROQ.
Lauren posted the video on social media.
\"Thanks to @ joshhomme @ queensofthestoneage, I can now spend the night in the emergency room.
Seriously, who did it!
The man laughed before kicking her.
\"This is obviously very intentional,\" she said . \"
Lauren who is working for Shutterstock
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Stand in front of the stage, left.
\"I saw him coming over and I was shooting,\" she said . \".
\"Next, I know his feet are connected to my camera, and my camera is connected to my face, which is very difficult.
Lauren covered her face in pain and returned to the press room, and a representative of KROC received a text message from someone on the show saying, \"did the Stone Age Queen\'s guitarist kick a photographer\'s face\" Lauren returned to the photo pit and took 30 Seconds to Mars and muse before heading to Cedar --
Treatment at Sinai Medical Center.
She intends to report the case to the police.
\"I feel that if I don\'t do anything, he will kick the face and not get stuck because he is a musician.
This is wrong.
According to The Associated Press, Homme said on Twitter on Sunday that he was \"in a state of lost performance\" and thought he was kicking lighting equipment on stage.
He said it was unintentional and he wanted Lauren to accept his apology.
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