watch: cannacoffee, sativa lube and lots of growing equipment - highlights of the cannabis expo

by:Marslite     2019-09-07
Sativa lube, the luxurious humor of \"cannasseur\", lollipops, and even food that keeps dogs cool, are Cape Town IV-
The one-day Cannabis Fair opened on Thursday morning, in a bit of a hurry. \"Mmmmm! That\'s warm!
It\'s so cute, \"said a group of four elderly women, who are testing a variety of cannabis lubricants that love oil\'s Jazmine Phiri rubbed on her wrist.
\"None of them have THC, so you won\'t be tall,\" said Filey . \" Explain that the series contains natural ingredients designed to increase color and fun and maximize sexual arousal of joint or single person fun.
The series includes lubricants for different occasions.
One known as suspension is said to be a blow to the elderly who are not interested in Viagra. THC -
It\'s a compound in marijuana that makes people \"excited \".
Nearby, a team of people held a heated discussion at the CannaCoffee booth, which is distributing annannas and cannachino in the United States and guaranteeing THC-
Free caffeine and marijuana
CBD mixed coffee can make drinkers \"have no anxiety and shake of regular coffee \". CBD -
Orcannabidiol has not yet \",you-high\" effect.
A coffee drinker told News 24 that the free cookies were very soothing.
There is a camabisexpo americanna in Cape Town.
Obviously not high.
Make ingredients.
Currently, speakers from the gold-labeled green thumb are discussing substrate and nutrients.
As someone said to me before, \"This is not like a tomato \".
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On April 4, 2019, the expo hall of Grand West Casino took the entrance fee of R200 per person. with the rise of browsers, from newly scrubbed businessmen to Rastafarians and entrepreneurs with high crown, they showed a lot of expensive equipment for planting and processing.
A cannabis oil merchant from Israel dragged his luggage and began to work with a big-
Growing in Lesotho while waiting for a safe scan.
Near the entrance, Grant McCulloch of Virescent flick his finger to show stylish plexiglass and black cones
The shape gadget in front of him was not a pepper grinder, but rolled a joint in seconds.
The same gadget can also be used to grind Rosemary for Sunday barbecue.
On the other side of the Expo Hall, the countdown began a joint rolling race, where a businessman in chinos and an elegant blue shirt beat his wild --
In 27 seconds, the opponent wearing the hair of the camping suit.
In a small kiosk, the barber shop\'s Ceri Phillips sell hemp dog food made of natural ingredients, apparently helping busy dogs, or calming them down before the annual fireworks showThe THC-free bone-
The shaped biscuits, which contain cannabis and baranna oil, are touted as useful for other dog diseases, including arthritis.
The R45 \"Durban Poison\" craft beer has aroused the curiosity of many people, although Cape Town has some polite complaints about the price of Durban Poison.
And green.
Striped lollipops for sale, next to the logo \"Don\'t worry about it being chocolate\", attached to the elegant roll paper, bongs and pipes, from regular glass to Murano-
Like a masterpiece.
In an ongoing demo on one side --
On stage, Sharon Price of Carol petroleum talked about the therapeutic benefits of this plant and its compounds, but at the same time, if this path is chosen, the audience was urged to involve a \"integrated therapy\" doctor.
\"There are so many people out there who are kind but they don\'t know what they are doing,\" Price warned . \".
\"This plant is a miracle plant, but it is not a magic bullet at the same time.
\"From lubricants to lighting and stylish storage in cannasseur, the cannabis fair in Cape Town is bustling.
From normal curiosity to turnkey advisor, this place is from grandma to business guy @ TeamNews24 pic who just scrubbed clean. twitter. com/iVjQi2QegZ—Jenni Evans (@itchybyte)
On April 4, 2019, after sharing her mother\'s journey to recover from pancreatic cancer, she suggested: \"You won\'t have cancer and you can cure it by eating a few liters of marijuana.
Working with doctors
Surfers, models and actress Roxy Loux praised the merits of \"Cannayoga\" and explained that after a long period of anxiety, she found her heart through the combination of yoga and cannabis
She and her husband Sam held a Cannayoga retreat for those interested in this approach to coping with the stress of modern life.
But the largest crowd stared hopefully at the stands, where there were huge cleaning barrels, growing tents, lighting equipment, nutrients, soil, PH testers.
Once all the legal issues in South Africa have been resolved, the company advises on the various complex components of its economic and medical use planting what many call \"green gold.
The Constitutional Court ruled last year that it was against the constitution to make personal marijuana a crime.
Natie Ferreira, financial director of the cannabis lobby group CIDCWC, said \"everyone has their own interpretation of the Constitution \". CIDCWC advocates smaller growers, users and cooperatives.
Nico Kriek MD of the cannabis compliance authority explains the complexity of obtaining a licence to grow and export cannabis.
His company is responsible for handing in the Keys, including a large number of gaps needed.
Since it is a medicinal ingredient, even a recall procedure must be prepared if necessary.
@ TeamNews24 picture. twitter. com/ruL71ru1SG—Jenni Evans (@itchybyte)
On April 4, 2019, Dr. Nico Crick, a pharmacist at the cannabis compliance authority, the law was very clear --
Since cannabis still belongs to schedule 7 substances, it is only allowed for personal use at this time.
However, his company has found an opportunity because the SA Health products regulator issued the first growth license for the export market.
Kriek and his colleagues said four licenses were issued in April 1, but need to be between r2.
5 m to R3m to pass regulatory restrictions and be checked to consider obtaining an export license.
\"It\'s not like a tomato,\" said his colleague, Imiel Visser . \".
More on this will be posted on News 24.
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