\"wal-mart of weed\" wegrow opens in washington d.c.

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On March 29, 2012, WeGrow franchisees Alex Wong and WeGrow founder Dhar Mann posed correctly in the WeGrow store in Northeast Washington.
AP Photo/Manuel Barche Seneta (CBS/AP)
A company called Weed Wal-Mart is taking root in the US capital, sparking further debate about marijuana-
Medical or other aspects.
Just a few blocks from the White House and the federal building, a company that frankly serves medical marijuana growers is opening its first branch on the East Coast.
The WeGrow store opened in Washington on Friday, coinciding with the first step in implementing a city law that allows residents with certain medical conditions to buy marijuana.
The legal pot raises questions about drivingHow many pot patients in California are under anesthesia
Everyone can guess \"Wal-
\"Cannabis supermarket\" is about to open: Should medical marijuana become mainstream?
Amazon Prime Day New York power outage CBSN Originals: during the gold rush, powerless Barry moves inland like a pick and axe supplier, weGrow believes that he has provided the necessary tools for the pioneers of the \"green boom\", and some projects may reach nearly $9 billion in the next five years.
Granted, weGrow is smaller than a large box store, but it is no different from the typical retailers of mainstream retailers in the United States, who have towering plant food and vitamin shelves, ventilation and lighting systems.
In addition to garden products, how does it provide
Courses, books and magazines on growing medical marijuana.
\"The more companies push this envelope by showing that it\'s a legitimate industry, the more we can change people\'s minds,\" said Dhar Mann, founder of weGrow.
Despite a ban on the cultivation, sale or use of cannabis under federal law, 16 states and Colombian districts have legalized their medical use to treat problems ranging from anxiety and back pain to HIV/AIDS and cancer
Related Diseases
14 states also have some form of non-criminal law on marijuana, canceling or lowering penalties for possession of marijuana.
Nearly 7% of Americans are 17.
4 million said they used cannabis in 2010, an increase over five.
8%, or 14.
According to data from the Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Authority, 4 million per cent in 2007.
Last year\'s Gallup poll showed
50% of Americans believe marijuana should be legal, and 70% support the medical use of marijuana.
For many states, there is no way to know how many people have medical marijuana cards.
There are only 9,637 valid cardholders in California, but registration is voluntary.
In Colorado, you have to register and there are 82,089 valid ID cards here since December 2011.
If the California people register at the same speed as Colorado, so far more than 615,000 will have cards.
Cannabis advocates also promote income benefits, as well as cost and efficiency savings in not suing or imprisoned cannabis people.
But recent efforts by the federal government to combat medical marijuana pharmacies have led several states to delay or cut pharmacy programs for fear of being sued.
This means that some medical marijuana users may seek to grow their own cannabis. -
Paving the way for companies like California
Headquartered in weGrow, a new plant site has been opened across the country to help legal users and larger growers grow their own potted plants.
WeGrow does not sell pots or seeds that grow it.
However, it is no secret that the products and services of this store help growers grow their own plants for personal use or for sale in pharmacies.
It is legal to sell water ploughing and other indoor planting equipment, but since these products are used to plant a plant that is considered illegal under federal law, the industry is trying to keep a low profile.
\"For the longest time, it\'s a question of not asking, not telling the industry,\" Mann said . \".
\"Most people still want to hide behind that facade.
\"Mann, who opened his first store in Sacramento last year, said he started his business after being expelled from a mom and pop Spa store in Berkeley, California.
Just to mention marijuana.
Top 10,000 of HealthPop report-
Foot weeds produce a warehouse mall called iGrow.
Since then, WeGrow has opened a location in Phoenix and will open stores in San Jose and Flagstaff, Arizona in the near future.
The company has franchisees in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania and plans to expand to Oregon, Washington and Michigan.
The candor of the business is due to public attitudes towards cannabis use and legalization of cannabis in the United States. S. transform.
But federal pressure on customers means companies catering to the cannabis industry could be hit. -
In their wallets and in prison.
\"There are a lot of risks in investing and opening a shop here,\" said Jason Klein, MD. C.
Lawyers representing medical cannabis operators.
\"These entrepreneurs think they are doing the job of yeoman and putting themselves at personal risk. . .
Take medicine for the patient who should get it. \"D. C.
On Friday, officials will announce that under law 2010 of the region, they are eligible to apply for a license to grow medical marijuana and sell it to pharmacies.
Applicants must sign a statement stating that they understand that the license does not authorize them to violate federal law.
Kevin Sabet said: \"They have their own dangers in doing so because I can\'t imagine the federal government would allow the sale of marijuana for any use in their backyard, \"former senior adviser to the presidential drug czar and researcher at the Center for Drug Abuse Solutions at the University of Pennsylvania. \"Whether it\'s D. C.
Or in California, the government has made it clear that medical marijuana will not pass a giggling test.
Sabet said the idea that the pharmacy was trying to be passed on as a medical institution was a joke, adding that the growing store would be the first in a series of activities, people will try to \"make big money from illegal drugs \".
\"The national medical marijuana market is estimated to be worth $1.
It was $7 billion in 2011 and is expected to reach $8.
9 billion according to the economic analysis conducted by the American cannabis Institute, within five years
According to current state laws, nearly 25 million Americans are likely to be eligible for medical marijuana, the study said.
\"The industry has a lot of potential in the country,\" said Steve Fox, spokesman for the National Cannabis Industry Association. C. -
Trade group representing cannabis
Related business.
He said states such as California, Colorado and Washington state have shown support for these businesses.
\"They show that, like any other industry, demand for products is also growing, and these businesses are rising to meet demand.
\"The issue of marijuana in the US capital is not new.
A referendum to legalize medical marijuana was overwhelmingly passed in late 1990, but Congress has blocked it for years.
Allowing the city to take the latest steps in the use of medical marijuana may also indicate a shift in the attitude of the federal government.
\"The political wind at the federal level does affect our ability to get things done at the local level,\" Brendan Williams said . \"
D. Spokesman KiefC.
Member David.
Who\'s in Catania?
Sponsorship of medical marijuana legislation. \"When the (legislation)
Passed, it happened in a Congress not so-
Tend to play their will in this area. . . .
But they always look down on the mountain.
Klein believes that although he is next door to Congress, drug law enforcement agencies and the Justice Department. C.
The medical marijuana program will avoid the anger of the federal government, as it is crafted to strictly control the industry.
\"This is the kind of thing that the FBI might be looking for elsewhere, but given that it\'s right under their noses, it\'s going to be a unique puzzle, Klein said.
\"I\'m really looking forward to having several members of Congress in a taxi and take them to the pharmacy. . .
So that they can see that this is not a danger they imagine.
\"For Alex Wong, a franchisee for D. C.
WeGrow store, his involvement in the industry is both personal and professional. The mid-
Entrepreneurs in their 40 s are attracted to the business after seeing the direct impact of the mother\'s colon cancer and learning that medical marijuana may make her more comfortable during treatment.
This is a viable drug.
\"All I can do is use my small business expertise to help the campaign.
Rafael Lemaitre, spokesman for the National Drug Control Policy Office, issued a statement saying that science and research--not politics --
The approval process for drugs should be promoted, and so far, \"the form of cannabis use has not yet met the modern standards set by the Food and Drug Administration \".
\"Patients with chronic diseases and suffering should receive modern medicine that has proven to be effective and safe,\" Lemaitre said . \".
\"We strongly support the continued study of the medical use of cannabis ingredients and will continue to do so.
However, Mann said that the cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana will occur, whether approved by the federal government or not.
\"No matter how strict they want to implement the intervention, it won\'t stop the industry,\" Mann said . \".
Where is the highest use of cannabis?
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