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virtual reality, free balayage and smoothie contests are part of the job in these modern offices

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
Remember the old type.
\"We work hard and play hard \"?
In many forwards
Thinking about the office, it\'s replaced by a more balanced, sustainable concept: work hard, but play in a structured way when you need it.
In modern workplaces, the moment of encouraging \"games\" is used as a channel to improve productivity and creativity.
Before you reach your goal, you are no longer the general wisdom of gnashing teeth in the office to \"grind out. Forward-
Thinking companies are building game space related to their industry and products into their office layout.
These activity spaces are not necessarily expensive or large-it\'s just a small activity space where the staff can put pressure on the outside and give their brains a break.
Here are the coolest workplace game spaces from different industries. Austin-
The Guinn Partners-based technical consulting company is designed to provide employees with a choice of mental/imaginative stimulation or relaxation. The lounge has a virtual reality Station and the meditation room is open to all.
For those of you who want to balance them
The Zen of the day plus a little exercise, there is also an electric surfboard in the office.
Building lighting manufacturer usai has developed unlimited colors, a proprietary LED lighting technology that can mix colored lights together to create unlimited shades
Suitable to amplify any mood or environment, just like a gentle version of the stage lights.
The USAI lighting co-showroom in SoHo, New York City is equipped with the latest unlimited color technology to allow visiting designers, architects and even students to try.
It is also a colorful place for staff meetings and events.
USAI calls the space an \"educational and immersive exhibition\", although others may call it the most exotic exhibition --
The meeting room is lit in Manhattan.
BlendTec mixer in health-
The focused kitchen of lucky vitamins is more than just what employees use to improve their mid-term level
Morning protein shake (
Although this is definitely a purpose).
There is a smoothie recipe contest every week with the \"content\" and \"create\" team leadingto-
Please ask the heads of various departments to taste, feedback and vote.
Weekly Award winning recipes are posted and/or shared on corporate blogs.
Smoothies station is just a part of total health-
Obsessed staff kitchen, there are also small batches of red tea bacteria, fresh
Ground coffee with natural sweeteners and chewing gum-
Machines full of vitamins and complimentary supplements.
The Wix office in Miami is equipped with a number of gamers to see the comfortable video game area of the activity room as its most popular workplace feature.
It is not equipped with the latest game technology, nor is it equipped with big game technologyscreen;
It\'s more like the type of setup you see in the family playroom.
Almost at any time throughout the working day, you can see two or four staff members playing Mario Brothers during the break.
Or other games they bring from home.
Wix has a small selection of offices
Also have games.
Here is probably the best workplace welfare space ever for fashion professionals and hairobsessed: The Los Angeles headquarters in eysloane has a color studio where employees can get hair color for free or
Employees love this not only for cost savings but also for the color service they can get on weekdays
Plug in your smartphone and even have a meeting at the same time.
For employees, however, it is not just an extra luxury dress;
This is also a way to collect early feedback on new products. Non-
Employee customers can also get services in Color Studio-
Not free, but much lower than the typical Los Angeles salon.
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