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video captures lavish wedding ceremony for inseparable gay penguins

by:Marslite     2019-08-31
Two loyal showbiz Penguins captured their lavish gay wedding day in a special video.
When Ferrari and plinger got married in the same way --
Sex ceremony with makeup
To make sure they look the best, a driver --
A beautiful Bentley car and a beautiful Cotswold venue followed by a wedding breakfast in Spratt. googletag. {});
Male Humboldt penguins are inseparable and they nest together, and while they cannot breed, their owners say they sit on rocks every year trying to hatch their \"eggs \".
The film was filmed by Gateshead\'s wedding video company and released before Valentine\'s Day.
It grabbed Pringle with a black bow
Before the ceremony, the tie was pampered, and then Ferrari jumped off Bentley\'s red leather seat and trotted down his husband\'s aisle --to-be is waiting.
Favored Pringle (
Wedding video company/PA)googletag. {});
Choose who to say his oath first (
Wedding video company/PA)
When Andrew Lagan announced that they were married, the couple touched the beak and was shown to be bathed in confetti, owned a disco and happily explored the chipper Norton
21-year-old Ferrari and 6-year-old Pringle have made their debut at the red carpet premiere of the film \"Mr. Poole\'s Penguin\" with Jonathan Ross, Alan Carr\'s talkative man
When the two did not participate in recreational activities, they met with Sir David Attenborough and also attended a treatment visit to the nursing home.
Small things with a marriage certificate (
Wedding video company/PA)
Then the traditional departure, with paper scraps (
Wedding video company/PA)
Jenny Puren, an animal trainer at the hythrop zoo in Oxfordshire, where they live, said: \"The two penguins have been working together for many years, and it is clear from the beginning that, they can\'t spend the day without each other and they love each other very much.
\"I feel overwhelmed when they can get married and I believe they are looking forward to a happy married life together.
The wedding car is very fashionable (
Wedding video company/PA)
The first dance was performed under the disco lights.
Wedding video company/PA)googletag. {});
Zoo keeper and Coach Jesse McGugan said: \"They \'ve been on the phone all the time --
They had a marriage proposal before, but they are not married yet.
Rob Earnshaw of the wedding video company said: \"We have captured this special day for hundreds of happy couples, but I can honestly say, do it with my heart, there is nothing to prepare you for the celebrity penguin wedding.
\"It all includes the celebration of Valentine\'s Day love.
There is no dry eye in the house. ”-
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