us: 2 years after phasing out incandescent bulbs, ikea plans to sell only led lighting by 2016

by:Marslite     2020-01-01
Two years after phasing out incandescent lamps, Swedish retailer Ikea announced on Monday that it would take new steps to sell only energy products.
Efficient LED lighting by 2016.
Ikea believes in a longer shift
Lasting bulbs will help set an environmental role model in the industry and will also save the company about $10 million to $20 million a year, I . E. Steve Howard, chief sustainability officer of the company, said that in the lighting cost of 300 stores worldwide.
\"You can have children, they can go to college when they grow up, and you can have the same lights,\" Howard said of the LED bulb . \" LED bulbs can be used for about 20 years --
Longer than incandescent or halogen lamps.
\"Make money on your own ceiling.
\"Ikea has 38 stores in the United States. S.
The company announced in 2010 that it plans to withdraw all incandescent lamps from the store by 2011.
The company then turned to sell only more efficient products, including compact fluorescent bulbs, LED and halogen lamps.
While the purchase price of LED bulbs is still higher than other options, the LED is more efficient and gives better light, Howard said.
The cost of the Led is still several times that of other bulbs.
\"We think this can drive market acceptance well,\" he said of the company\'s shift in the U. S. S.
Headquartered in Plymouth, Philadelphia.
Other big retailers said that while they are trying to switch to LED lighting in the store, they are still selling all types of bulbs at the moment.
Jean Niemi, spokeswoman for Home Depot
The world\'s largest home improvement retailer says the company
A few years ago, the store fixtures for LED lighting.
However, due to the needs of customers, they plan to continue selling all the different types of bulbs.
\"LEDs are still very expensive,\" Niemi said . \".
At Ikea, all of them
LED shift will be achieved by taking other items off the shelf and having them sold out, Howard said, and the company wants to set an example in the industry.
\"This is a call for action,\" he said . \"
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