upstate: at the fair; where 911 is a phone call, and manhattan is far away

by:Marslite     2019-10-05
Dan barryaug wrote it.
18,200 2Men still swing the gavel to impress women who are still fighting for the best homemade pie.
Parents still go to the piglets with toddlers, they are so cute that they can\'t be called pigs.
The boy with the buzz cut and the girl with the braces will still be scared in the terrible creaking, scared so delicious.
The roaring Avenue, halfway through, is still summoning a promise that may only be believed at the county fair.
Everyone is the winner.
A popular theory holds that everything has changed one day in last September, but something, like the annual Sunshine Fair, has obviously not changed.
Here 911 refers to the emergency telephone system that has just been put into operation, that\'s all.
Aside from some ground zero caps for sale, there is no mention of what happened 190 miles south of Manhattan.
Patriotism shown in redwhite-and-
The blue flag and basketball carry the eternal aura, not the fleeting echo of emotion.
The tradition of the county fair may no longer exist in cities and suburbs, where agriculture, if any, survives as a boutique industry.
But for millions of people in northern New York and across the country, the county fair remains the engine of unity and good memory for the community.
Niu moo, politician bray and the clown in the tank still make fun of the clothes you wear.
\"Part of the advertising is tradition, part is entertainment,\" said Bob McGuire, manager of rural Cobleskill, shawkari County.
\"But efforts should also be made to educate people about agriculture.
We tried to let them know that the milk came from a cow, not a carton at a cheap price.
Mr. advertising.
McGuire is 69-year-
He knew what he was talking about.
Before he retired, he taught all the knowledge from animal husbandry to cow management at Cobleskill State University.
As president of the New York State Agricultural Exhibition Association this year, he visited many of the more than 50 county exhibitions that burned the northern corner with flashing midway lights.
He went west to the Yates County Fair in paignyan and north to St.
Lawrence County market in gulville.
But in 126, the Cobleskill fair had his heart.
It is larger than some, smaller than most, open six days a year, not far from closed textile mills that used to employ hundreds of people.
The vaudeville and \"girl\" farce was long gone, but in his 90 s Ed Scribner was still maintaining the sound system he installed in 1920s.
The original slate roof of this century-
The old milk yard and the Edna Smith Award
Win the pickles flowers and-
Well, more importantly, sir, a trip.
McGuire has already arranged
To be successful, a real country fair needs some attraction other than a piglet\'s nest. McGuire said.
They have to have a tractor, a demolition derby. -
Something a little irresponsible.
On this day, big fat Paul Riddle and his empire hell riders performed stunts in the stands.
Members of the troupe include Toby siberdu, who was injured in a motorcycle accident not long ago and became her signature (
\"One of us is here --
A female driver! \'\')
And smoothtalking M. C.
Gordon Kennedy, his behavior is as important as a gas-lit runway.
\"What do you want to do, barbecue this poor guy? \'\' Mr.
Shouted Kennedy, as more gas was splashed and lit on the road to virtual realityo-o-o-
Ming motorcycle hand
We have ribs tonight. -his! \'\'Mr.
McGuire left smoke shrouded in Imperial inferno riders heading to the dairy farm, where farmers were combing holster and Gersey for the evening livestock race with electric shavers.
Farmers step back from time to study their art of life ---
Balance of breast, Spring of rib-
But competition is more practical than aesthetic.
\"As a judge, you are looking for an animal that has a long life . \"
McGuire explained.
AdvertisementHe walks through a building called Progressland, where a man peddles a miracle vacuum cleaner and a woman peddles T-
Local Democrats and Republicans are selling ideology everywhere.
He said, \"we always have politicians,\" and he delivered a stack of brochures for state council candidate Ed Barber (
\"Haircut for enterprises \")
Dan Hook (\'\'Family. Security. Opportunity. \'\').
He left progland, standing in front of an outdoor little stage, Jim and Jon Hagel from the old \"hee\" TV show.
Sometimes it\'s hard to tell if a pager is ---
They claim to be \"the two most famous people in the world\"-
They were having a sibling joke or a sibling rub, but when they sang a more famous \"hee\" song, dozens of people joined.
\"I look around the world and I thought I found true love.
But you met another one. -pffft! --you was gone.
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For county fairs, which are usually run as non-profit organizations, choosing the right way to play can be tricky and costly.
Big Star of the country
Western music is too expensive, so the county market often hires performers to present their stars.
Dixie Chicken--
Not Dixie\'s chicken. -
Performed at the Lewis County Fair last month; Shania Twin --
Not Shania Twain. -
Plan to play here in a few days.
\"What we\'re trying to do is grab some of the bands that are going up so we can still afford them, or the people that are going down ---
But it is still very popular.
But he added that you never know.
Last year, the fair paid a lot of money for Roy Clark, but only 38 people endured unusually hot weather for his afternoon performance and less than 400 people attended his party.
\"We took a shower . \"McGuire said.
In fruit and vegetable buildings, the symmetrical and perfect carrot sits at a 1/2-
Pound zucchini in Schoharie County agricultural products display.
Wearing the most precious clothesof-
In class 3, section 12, Section 5, the display badge is a can of pickled cauliflower, a work by Edna Smith of cobliskill, who refuses to reveal her age, but allow me to participate since 1947.
She said in a telephone interview, \"I never won the kimchi competition . \"
\"But I have won the best performance in other years, once a biscuit, and once a bread ---a coffeecake. \'\'Mrs.
Smith said she believed it was her civic responsibility to participate in the crochet, indoor plants, flowers, baked goods and cans competition.
\"We People Here should get in as much as possible,\" she said . \".
\"Otherwise, it will be unfair.
\"Without razzle, there will be no County market, no real county market --dazzle midway.
There are many mid-way suppliers to choose from, and this year, Cobleskill went with the family Gillette show --
Operating from Pittsfield, quality.
Her female parents traveled with her equipment and staff.
Hope to say hello, sir.
McGuire asked a franchise where Betty was and was instructed to \"ask red-haired people at the fritters stand \".
The guy with red hair led him into the air.
Betty Gillette\'s home, a conditional trailer on the edge of the playground: a half-way grandmother and a 14-year-old breederyear-
Old dog called gadgetsMrs.
Gillette, her two sons and their families are on the road from April to October, and this season is no different from their own happinessgo-round.
They have just taken part in the bazaar in osago County and will soon have their portable magic gear ---
22 rides and 30 offers-
From north to heckmer County.
It\'s all the same, though this year the show has taken its place for ten years --
Old Cortina jets take rock, lights and the explosion of swirls, drawing images of Elvis, Dylan and Madonna.
When she gently pushed her dog with her feet, she said: \"This is a good work . \".
The sun slides under the spire, which defines the Cobleskill horizon, casting a handful of accumulated clouds into tones between precious hydrangea flowers and precious eggplants.
It\'s time, Mr. Jean.
Maguire will attend other county fairs;
He melted in the middle.
So far, all its independent parts are synchronized, and the fair is beating at a rustic rhythm that is almost beyond its own, lasting.
In the livestock building, a young judge was speaking the language of a farmer. -
Head support and overall construction--
The girl wearing the milk ambassador\'s belt distributed ribbons to the winners.
On the outdoor stage, the world\'s most famous pair of twins once again cry for lost love, while visitors in the fruit and vegetable building admire a zucchini the size of a lion dog.
The night was painted with neon colors: the yellow color of the lemonade stand, the green color of the pizza stand, the red color of the fried dough stand.
Here, a boy grabbed a transparent plastic bag and there seemed to be a goldfish flying in the air.
There, the rocking barrel seats of the Ferris wheel rotate around the beating American flag.
People in Schoharie County have been walking around in a leisurely rush.
They know that by Monday morning everything will be gone, as the sun evaporated on August.
But they also know that these unique signs will appear again in the store window next year, saying that everything is fine.
The fair is back.
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911 is a phone call. Manhattan is far from here.
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