united in celebrations: ramzan celebration

by:Marslite     2019-10-16
At this time of the year, Hyderabad has been transformed into a city that is more positive, festive and united than ever before.
At this time of year, people, regardless of their beliefs, are eager to get on the road.
The festival frenzy that falls into the city is contagious.
Although the road is not good and the traffic is blocked, everyone is very happy these days.
The reason is that it\'s Ramzan month, and the street is a popular sight for everyone.
For people who don\'t know what Ramzan means to Hyderabadis, the city throws a very beautiful picture at this time of the year, with flashing lights on it, after praying in the evening from the extended roof, the shop sells street food and flows out to the pious masjids, heading to Harlem Battis to break their fast.
When the sun sets, most of the city will survive without moving instruments.
Decoration is not limited to continuous lighting, but bright yellow, green, red and white cloth are used to make pandas, enhancing the festive atmosphere. Party-
The audience missed the rotating disco lights, and the dancing shoes were replaced by walking shoes instead of driving in a trendy car or taxi, and in and out of the self-driving car was the first choice in order to get to the destination faster, this is due to the crowd going out for a feast, followed by shopping. After-
The hour party was formal, and they all ended up at some stalls selling popular favorite food.
During the Lent, some lucky people managed to be invited by friends to taste homemade specials and experience exquisite spread. Office-
After working hours, people rushed to eat food.
In fact, during this month, Many Hyderabadis meet friends and colleagues at their favorite haleem attractions and dig up some delicious dishes.
Then there are people who prefer adventure, and they go to explore a new party every day.
Usually, after haleme is Dahi vada, Milch, kebabs and the ubiquitous irani chai.
Not necessarily in this order.
Take the case of the Masab Tank.
It is not shops or music that attracts people, but the swing of haleem.
With or without shorba, with or without chicken 65, the variety in the haleem being sold is an example of how easy food fusion can be.
They even greeted passers-by with the \"Eid Mubarak\" board.
The dining car is not behind.
So, if they don\'t have lights, clothes and ribbons, mirchi bajji sellers will do their best to provide what they have and some sellers will decorate their shopping carts with mirchis.
Some restaurants gave their staff LED fitted jackets in order to beat it all.
These boys are driving fast on the street outside-
At a moment in delivery and \"illuminating\" your life.
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