underground drum ‘n’ bass! london tube train transformed into ‘pop-up club’ (video)

by:Marslite     2019-09-01
The video shows revellers turning the carriage into a nightclub, jumping on the train with disco lights flashing.
They seem to have built a large sound system where the DJ speaks through a microphone on the booming drum and bass music. Award-
Award-winning DJ Harry Shotta told passengers: \"Now, there are real live drums and bass underground!
\"Some office workers seem happy to be part of a Monday night carnival.
A passionate commuter wrote next to the video posted on YouTube: \"This is not your normal performance on the Baker Lu line on Monday night . \".
A more impatient commuter said on Twitter from the Bakerloo line staff: \"Can you tell me why there is a live rap show that is holding the train back and keeping me away from my pajamas ? \" When the train stopped at Regent\'s Park, the carnival was filmed, just one stop away from the Oxford Circus in central London.
BTP Paddington said that after reporting the noisy scene on the train, they were called in for the event.
After 23: 25, they wrote on Twitter: \"We just removed a completely mature Carnival party from the Baker\'s subway!
All easy and very cooperativeoperative.
Baker Lu is running normally.
\"A spokesman for the BTP told the Evening Standard that after reports of one party in a carriage, officials were called to the subway station.
\"A man agreed to turn off the speaker and lighting system and then leave the station where officials attended and spoke to him.
While officials like any chance to experience underground drums and bass, we kindly ask the dj not to treat the tube as pop musicup club.
\"It may be Easter holidays, but there are times and places where we will ask everyone to consider other passengers who use the Internet.
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