u2 comes through

by:Marslite     2019-09-09
16 spotlight operators are in place and they climb the ladder and sit in the lighting truss at different angles above the stage.
The entire surround lighting system looks like a space station ready to take off.
What happens?
Suddenly power off, look, like the band strode forward in the third song, there is no stage lamp.
She is the lead singer of the U2 band and the main candidate for this year\'s impromptu performer.
\"Our lighting was broken.
Let\'s turn on the lights of the house!
He said at once.
\"Rock doesn\'t need these expensive lights and smoke bombs! Why?
Because we have Larry Bird\'s spirit tonight!
\"When the spirit of Celtic star Larry Bird is aroused in the garden, good things usually happen.
Bono pressed the right button and for 15,000 fans they won quickly and didn\'t seem to care about the lights on the House for an hour (
About half the concert)
Before restoring power on stage
Poor spotlight operators may return to their hotel.
As a cautious band leader, Bono gained more miles from the Birdman before the end of the night.
\"I bet Larry Bird\'s harmonica plays better than me!
He said shyly, and then blew a very decent harp solo in \"Traveling Through Your Wires.
\"He was given a number during the opening of the camp.
Celtic green t-shirt (
Number of the bird, natch)
And maneuver around the stage as if ready to join the layup exercise. This was not --
You can collect--
Typical U2 show
It\'s more like seeing a club band trying to work things out cleverly in an awkward situation.
Although Bono recently recalled that U2 was a bad club band, the evidence last night was the opposite.
In the absence of lights, other superstars may have fallen, and U2 has moved on like troupers, building closer ties with the audience (
Little Steven can\'t do things with his overly funny opening remarks).
Bono was more talkative and still managed to convey the spiritual power of the band\'s music, as the crowd inspired him with long, majestic songs.
The set list has been shaken since the band played Worcester Central Conservatory four months ago, but still mostly pulled out of the band\'s last album, Joshua Tree.
\"The band boldly opened with the album\'s most intense anti-war protest song\" bullets under the blue sky \", before briefly touching Jimmy Hendricks\'s\" Star-Spangled Banner \", hendricks performed in Woodstock.
U2 guitarist The Edge treated Hendricks fairly. he was The mainstay all night. his intricate chorus clues were interrupted by The feedback wall.
Wearing a wide Navajo vest
He also looks like a psychedelic man.
The countless \"Joshua Tree\" National Anthem pushes the crowd into hysteria, including the heavenly request of \"no name on the Street\" and the Gospel passion of \"in the country of God.
But it\'s a surprise version of \"One Tree Hill\", a tribute to band employee Greg Carroll (
Killed in a motorcycle accident last year)
Really touched the crowd.
It wasn\'t until recently that the band started performing the song because Bono always thought it was too painful to perform on stage.
Arrange the sputtering--
Since there is no electric viola player to reproduce the solo in the middle, part of it must be placed on the tape-
But the pure emotion of the song is compensated.
The rhythm parts of bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen are occasionally blurred in the muddy sound mix (
Larry Bird can\'t do anything about it)
, But everything was clicked in the middle. -
The stage lights are finally on.
If there is a problem, it is the cover version that the band insists on making a few songs.
Frankly, they did not add anything to Bob Marley\'s \"Exodus\" clip, nor did they give Curtis Mayfield\'s \"people ready\" and the Beatles
It would be better to hear more songs from u2\'s early career, which were shortlisted last night.
Nitpicking aside, it\'s still another victory for the brave Dublin people who return to the Garden tonight and to Sullivan Stadium next Tuesday.
Hopefully their lighting system will be back on the beam. -
Larry Bird\'s spirit can get some rest.
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