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two men injured by falling stage lights at beaches rib fest

by:Marslite     2019-09-11
On Friday night, two men fell on stage at the beach rib festival, and the Labor Department is investigating the matter.
These people were taken to hospital.
There is life-threatening damage around 9: 00. m.
Police in Toronto said.
Son of DouglasCook.
Douglas said one person is in his 40 s and the other is in his 50 s. Cook.
I don\'t know what caused the light to fall.
According to its website, Justin Brown, the organizer of Justin Fest and owner of the northern hot rib series, brought the barbecue food festival to various locations in Southern Ontario, saying that he believes that due to strong winds and heavy rains, they fell down.
\"The storm came out of thin air,\" he said . \" He added that the ministry has allowed the festival to continue on Saturday and Sunday at Woodbine Park.
\"Investigations are currently under way and we have taken all possible steps to ensure that this does not happen again,\" Brown said . \".
On the Rib Fest on Saturday afternoon, in addition to the silver poles and lighting equipment scattered on the north side of the stage, there was little evidence of any accident the night before.
A few feet away, a band called Girls.
R consists of girls between the ages of 10 and 15, playing pop rock songs to listeners lying on a nearby white lawn chair.
Dawn Van Damm, the band organizer, said she checked the stage before the girl performed to ensure the stage was safe.
There seems to be no danger.
Van Damm said she was \"shocked\" when she heard the incident on Friday night.
She says one of the men she calls sound engineer Steve Marsden is hosting the show on the rib festival series.
She has seen him many times since the play started in May.
There\'s a couple of barbecues-
Central events left in the series
There are 15 festivals in total this year.
She thought she would see him again and again.
\"He\'s a lovely person,\" she said, describing him as \"Teddy Bear\" and \"the best person \".
\"Other people attending the Rib Festival have heard of accidents in the park.
16-year-old Sean Gibb is watching a game where he is a muscular group of men throwing heavy objects around in a game, he said,
\"But we still want to see the event.
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