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twitch releases karaoke game \'twitch sings\'

by:Marslite     2019-10-09
Developed by the studio behind the \"Rock Band\" and \"Dance Center\" franchise, live karaoke games \"Twitch events\" let the Twitch channel host solo or as part of the collaborationordinated duet.
\"Twitch Ings\" is a free karaoke game designed for the Amazon streaming platform Twitch, which allows singers to appear as their own using the camera feed or animated avatar they set up, and sing to the audience, the audience can cheer for them or tip them.
The curtains are open. The stage is yours.
Now everyone can hear Twitch things: pic. twitter. com/jOYgjSOhI6—Twitch (@Twitch)
In April 13, 2019, audiences can make song requests and set up challenges that can trigger virtual lights, stage and crowd effects, as well as channel subscriptions and money donations, by using a virtual Twitch currency expression called Bits.
Although solo shows are live performances, the production of the duo is a bit behindthe-Scene planning.
A Twitch streamer records their part and then sends it to another cords where streamer records their part.
The program \"Twitch Ings\" app for Windows pc mixes the two together.
Shortly after the announcement on October 2018 at TwitchCon, \"Twitch strings\" entered the testing phase.
Launched in TwitchCon Europe last weekend.
The karaoke game was launched after the Chinese smartphone app \"TikTok\" spent 2018 pounds to attract global users to upload short music.
Targeted videos that can be shared between \"TikTok\" and friends and fans elsewhere.
The virtual reality in early March beat the gunman \"Audica\" and sang twitching on April, \"Harmonix will release a virtual reality version of the dance game\" Dance Center \"on the Oculus series headphones in the near future \", oculus will launch during the F8 Connect Conference, which will be run by the parent company Facebook on April 30 and May 1.
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