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turner classic movie\'s 15 favourite fashion films

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
New York Fashion Week was scheduled to take place. 10-
17. Classic Turner film (TCM)
The network launched 15 of the most popular fashion movies.
TCM\'s 15 most popular fashion-trend films will be included in the daily newspaper selection that the network is making.
This feature provides a new ranking every day and can be found here.
Here are TCM\'s favorite 15 trendy films, in chronological order:-Louise Brooks once said, \"a woman in decent dress, although her wallet is empty
\"It could be Lulu\'s motto, and the character made her a fashion icon of the times.
Brooks has been wearing her famous Buster Brown hairstyle and dressing up for years, and like many other actresses, her hairstyle is fashionable, half
The nude beading gown is the perfect match for the non-moral charm in Pandora\'s box.
Harsh Black Bob is still known as Lulu in many countries \".
Joan Crawford and designer Adrian are a competition in fashion paradise.
The young designer shows Hollywood\'s influence on how women dress in this 1932 romance about a woman fleeing catastrophic love.
For Crawford, Adrian created a No.
Nonsense look, while maintaining her feminine temperament, highlights her athletic shoulder.
Letty\'s white organdy dress with shoulder Folds has been copied and sold to more than millions of women. And the broad-
Adrian\'s shoulder-style power suit for Crawford has set off a nationwide shoulder care boom.
No wonder Edith Hyde once called Letty Linton the most influential figure in film history.
-When Clark Gable took off his underwear in the famous \"Jericho Ko city wall\" scene, it was difficult for him to keep up with the pace, and director Frank Capra advised him to take off his shirt and reveal his bare chest.
The scene was so sexy that men stopped buying underwear, which led to a rumor that an underwear manufacturer was trying to sue Columbia Pictures.
It seems to be to make up for the clothes Gabo wore in the movie-Norfolk jacket, V-
As men across the country imitate the gable, neck sweaters and windbreaker are becoming more and more popular.
After the movie was released at the box office, Gabo thought windbreaker was his lucky charm and he could wear them in any movie.
-While there is no Catherine Hepburn film that establishes her impact on fashion, this 1952 comedy about a sports coach breaking into professional sports is the perfect embodiment of her liberation, and sometimes the perfect embodiment of genderCurved image.
From her arrival in Hollywood, Hepburn was dressed like a man, claiming her height.
Trousers, trousers, shirts and casual shoes are more comfortable.
This look fits in with the active, independent role she plays, perfectly changing fashion and giving women more choices and a more positive life.
Her influence was so great that in 1986, the American fashion designer Council awarded her a special prize.
The meeting between costume guru Grace Kelly and legendary designer Edith Head is sure to create fashion magic.
This Alfred hitchclassic classic establishes Kelly\'s understated elegance, in contrast to the gorgeous Hollywood 50-year-old design.
Thanks to Kelly\'s perfect role as a stylish socialite, Head is able to create a premium custom design that doesn\'t look right for everyday wear.
Light green skirt suits that never fit a jacket to floral print dresses with multiple skirts, these designs teach the professional women of the time how to fashion.
Kelly\'s snack bag even premiered the \"Kelly\'s bag\" that Hermes would eventually name her \".
-Fashion was originally the farthest thing for Jim Stark (James Dean)
When he put on t-
After a night of trouble with the shirt and the red jacket.
However, these two items became the basic fashion of any self due to Dean\'s smolderingstyled rebel.
Director Nicholas Ray and customer Moss Mabry decided that a red jacket, not a brown one, would make the character stand out.
Some sources think Dean has the idea.
However, whoever thinks of it, as the Variety editor Robert Hoffler described, the red jacket became a symbol of \"a generation of despair.
\"-When Brigitte Bado is neither dressed nor self-suggestive
In consciousness, a new sexual symbol was born, a free sexual rebellion.
The romantic way heralds the hippie era of free love.
But when she did, her wardrobe was ready. The long-
The neglected bikini has become an international hot spot.
Ballet flats, cotton plaid beach dress and neckline (
The latter is called \"Bardot neckline \")
Soon, she felt abandoned on the screen.
And her nonsense.
Blow your hair, called choucroute (sauerkraut)
Maintain a leisure and elegant height.
-When John Galliano first launched his new collection for 2009, the combination of funny colors, exaggerated silhouettes and exposed underwear made many commentators think Madonna was his source of inspiration
But the same person in the New York Times, Reddy, had earlier influence on rosellind Russell. the-
1958 Aunt Mame\'s top clothing.
Life and breathing fashion of Russell Dennis (
Some commentators believe the character is much like Diana Freeland, editor of fashion).
Although it was less influential at the time, Australia-
Born designer Orry
Since then, the innovative bold costumes Kelly has designed for Mame have influenced collections and inspired young people to engage in fashion.
-Audrey Hepburn eats Danish food while staring at Tiffany\'s window, and the little black dress she wears becomes a jewel on the crown in any woman\'s closet.
Created by her favorite designer Givenchy, it highlights her figure with a simple straight line.
This is not the only fashion impact of the classic 1961 comedy, the last movie with Hollywood charm.
With ticket sales soaring, triple sales are also soaring.
Pearl necklace, sleeveless dress, oversized sunglasses.
But it\'s a little black dress, called \"Holy!
\"The recent auction at $900,000 sets a new standard for elegance, even today.
-Initially, Faye Dunaway wanted to wear casual pants in Bonnie and Clyde, and she thought that mobility was needed in the holiday scene.
When she saw a combination of printed scarves, pencil skirts, knitted sweaters and prejudices for Theodora van Runkle --
Not only did she change her mind, but she also changed her mind.
The model of time changed her whole attitude towards fashion and once said, \". . . Until I met Theodora, clothes . . . . . . Just part of the job.
\"Thanks to the
The drama, the \"gun more look\" took off, triggering a revival of \'retro fashion in 1930s.
Even the humble beret, once the only property of the French and struggling poets, has become a popular fashion item.
-When Steve McQueen traded his usual casual outfit for a custom suit in this sexy 1968 caper movie, the British invasion attacked the United StatesS.
Men\'s clothing to a large extent.
The top British tailor, Douglas Hayward, created a combination of three.
Two-piece belt
The button jacket and the depressed waist seize the character\'s abundance and perfectly set off the star\'s thin frame.
Even the accessories-from his $2,250 Patek Philippe pocket watch to blue --
The carefully selected tortoise sunglasses Persol sunglasses create an eternal image of wealth.
Although British men\'s clothing has previously been shown in the film, it is the film that brings it to the American store and continues to inspire designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford.
The axis is considered to be the first \"blaxploitation\" film, reflecting the rise of urban fashion in youth, at workclass African-Americans.
The wardrobe of Richard Roundtree, the former model in the film, captures the fashion and power behind the new fashion. Three-quarter-
The long leather jacket and leather pants, coupled with the high-collar shirt and other tight knit, made him a fashion icon and the ultimate \"sex machine\" for all chickens \".
\"In nearly 30 years, Giorgio Armani will be inspired by the release inspiration of the 2000 remake, drawing on this look.
-Diane Keaton doesn\'t need to go far to change women\'s fashion at the Oscars --winning comedy;
It originated in her own wardrobe.
Her eclectic, oversized men\'s wear ranges from a soft hat to a loose chin, and Ralph Lauren\'s tie is a coup-letting women run to nearby thrift stores, not boutiques.
This has also sparked a resurgence in women\'s casual pants, comparable to the boom that Marlene Dietrich and Catherine Hepburn have created in 30 years.
Designer Ruth Moley did not initially accept the idea, but tried to stop it.
But when Keaton appeared at the scene, director Woody Allen insisted: \"She\'s a genius.
Let\'s leave her alone.
Let her wear whatever she wants.
\"-The ultimate fashion icon of 1970s is not some attractive actress or famous model.
John Travolta, wearing a white disco suit, pointed to the sky on the poster because he originally wanted a black casual outfit until designer Patrizia von Brandenstein explained that White would catch the disco light, help him stand out from the crowd.
He does stand out, and men stand out in the few times in fashion history.
The film inspired a group of peacocks in form.
Fitted clothes in electric color, open collar and medal hanging around the neck.
With a generous application of a pair of flat shoes and styling mousse, it is born with a new charm designed for working-class children who set off steam at a local dance club.
When Jennifer bear wanted to be a welderby-day/dancer-by-
The night Alex Owens shrank in the wash, a fashion boom was born.
Designer Michael Kaplan had to cut the top in order to get it over her head, and the image it created on the movie poster swept across the country.
There are sportswear, but not on the sports field.
The jersey that will tear (
Special cut by manufacturers)
With warm leg covers, spandex pants, hairband and hi-
The most important thing is that the flash dance fashion makes young women around the world feel like they have gone to the nearest dance room.
With the post-80 s revival of new interest in the film, its heroine and her trend, the feeling is back again today --setting look.
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