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\'traditional\' theatre lighting and stage design discriminates against black and asian actors, warns shakespeare\'s globe

by:Marslite     2019-10-21
The increasing use of black and Asian actors has made some in British theaters congratulate the growing diversity of the British stage.
But experts warn that if they don\'t pay attention to the lights of minority actors, or what color of clothing they wear, they will be bad for white actors.
A scholar at London\'s Globe theater said that black and Asian actors could be covered up by Dark costumes and furniture traditionally associated with the performance of works by Shakespeare and other period playwrights, as well as dim lights.
Producers are now urged to pay more attention to the set designs, lights and costumes used by ethnic minority actors in the drama so that the audience can make the most of their performances. Dr Farah Karim-
Cooper, head of higher education and research at Shakespeare\'s Globe theater, said: \"Using the same lighting and stage design as a white actor puts a colored actor at a disadvantage.
There is a danger in the traditional dark, tragic stage setting that the color actors will fit into the background.
She added: \"Dark clothing has a similar effect, although it is not necessarily menstrual clothing --
In fact, the white collar and folds set off a dark face.
\"Global tomorrow will hold a workshop to explore some of the issues that welcome more black and Asian actors in theater production.
The event, which is part of the Theater\'s Shakespeare and race season, raises the question of whether traditional choices about clothing, setting and lighting privileges discriminate against black and Asian actors and favor white actors. Dr Karim-
Cooper said: \"In the past works, I noticed that the actor played Othello and was not illuminated like other actors, and the color on the stage was the same as his skin.
\"Some of the works recall the\" exotic representation \"of Othello, highlighting the contrast between white eyes and black skin.
There was a color actor on the dark stage that zoomed in on this, and it came back to Lawrence Olivier\'s production of Othello.
The global Shakespeare revenge tragedy is currently starring black actor Andre Holland, Othello and Sheila Atim, Emilia and Mark relance, use open design and general lighting to avoid shadows, which can blur the face of the actor.
In one scene, the white top worn by Othello enhances the face of the Netherlands rather than blurring the face of the Netherlands, as does the gold dress of Atim.
\"This is a case of thinking about how to better illuminate the stage, or having a costume or set design that highlights the color of the skin.
Dr. Karim said: \"different color combinations of lighting colors can be used for different skin tonesCooper,The US-
Natural Shakespeare scholars say that in order to improve the representation of minority actors on the screen, the film has begun to think more carefully about the way different skin tones light up.
The Oscar-winning film Moonlight, which also features the Netherlands, was especially praised for its performance in Africa.
American actors were ignited.
\"We \'ve seen this in the film, and now people have a lot more thought about how to capture the glow of color actors.
\"We want people to be more aware of this in the theater,\" Dr. Karim said . \"Cooper.
He has written about the role and use of cosmetics in Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama.
She maintains that the issue has nothing to do with what some might think is \"politically correct,\" but rather about the theater\'s ability to reflect various human types \"we live in a world that is not just inhabited by white people, the audience needs to see their reflection on the stage, Dr. Karim said. Cooper.
\"We want to put a mirror in the face of nature, which means reflecting all of us in our diversity.
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