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tracy byrd\'s keyboard player hospitalized after lighting rig crashes during performance

by:Marslite     2019-09-23
Tracy bird\'s keyboard player was injured and a lighting device crashed on stage Saturday night as the singer finished a show in Texas.
Once the band was able to lift the light rig from him and his gear, Vernon emshaw was taken to the hospital.
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Emshoff needed dawgreport to stitch the head wound and was later released.
The incident took place at the Brazilian county fair in southern Houston.
Ktrk TV station received a video of the incident.
The audience saw Bird put the guitar down, and then a whole light fell to the keyboard.
The metal part holding the light just seems to miss him, but it\'s clear that when the band member lifts the rig, he gets stuck and Emshoff shows up.
On Facebook, bassist Kyle hebertom said to all my other musician friends: \"double
Before you go on stage to perform, check if all rigging has been properly anchored.
Although the accident is abnormal, it can be avoided.
This is the part that makes us all angry.
\"The Brazil county expo provides the following statement:\" The incident last night was very unfortunate and we are continuing our investigation because security is the top priority of the Brazil County Expo.
Our understanding is that the injured band members have been treated and we pray for an early recovery.
\"Bird did have a show in Florida on Sunday night, and there was no keyboard player at the age of 97.
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