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top 10 holiday gifts for the tech-lover

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
It\'s cold outside, baby, but the holiday shopping frenzy is heating up.
When you play-minute gift-
After the purchase is completed, here are 10 good options to consider the technology
Smartphone: the Samsung Galaxy ALPHA smartphone is like a window into your life.
The Galactic Alpha is not just a smart interior.
This is the first high-profile Samsung Galaxy smartphone
Premium metal frame and luxurious look and feel.
It\'s elastic and gorgeous.
Premium camera with real-
Even in awkward lighting conditions, time HDR allows you to take vibrant photos.
Super power saving mode means the Galaxy ALPHA won\'t let you down.
The extended battery will start when you need it most.
Wearable: the perfect gift for Gadgetree Bluetooth HatThe hard-to-buy-
For someone on your list, this is the one-of-a-kind hat that Canadians have designed for our Canadian winter.
Deep in January
Freeze to stay warm and comfortable while rocking your favorite music in your Gadgetree Bluetooth hat.
No need to fumble for a smartphone in your pocket or wallet with frozen fingers.
Directly built into the hat is the Bluetooth module, speakers and integrated buttons for listening to music, answering calls and having phone conversations with the built-in phonein mic.
The Bluetooth hat is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts 6 hours and is charged by a mini USB adapter. 2-in-
1 laptop to tablet: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is an ideal gift for special people who want it all.
This is a portable tablet that can replace a laptop.
It runs Windows 8.
1 Pro, so you can install all your favorite desktop software, including the Microsoft Office suite and all the desktop software that must be installed
Have a favorite program
But this device is not just for work; it comes built-
Use apps like Skype, OneDrive, and Bing Smart Search, as well as thousands of apps available on the Windows Store.
Kick back when your work is done, remove the screen from your keyboard, relax with your tablet, watch movies, use your app, or browse photos taken with a 1080p camera
Multiple user accounts allow each family member to personalize their space on the same device.
When kids are online, the protection of their home safety feature makes this the perfect home gift for Santa Claus.
Office 365Santa is unable to deliver a phone, tablet or laptop to anyone on the list, unless the Genie completes a subscription to Office 365.
Office 365 is a subscription service designed to help you and your family get the job done from almost anywhere and from any device.
When and where you can access your personal documents and settings-
Whether it\'s PC, Mac, tablet, iPad or smartphone.
All content will be covered in one subscription-
Up to 10 devices.
1tb of storage will enrich your holiday memory;
100 videos, 70,000 family photos and 10,000 Christmas carols, and space for 1 million Office documents that you can share with friends and family.
With an active Office 365 subscription, you don\'t have to worry about upgrading Office because you always have access to the latest Office applications, features, and services.
Mophie Space Pack the Mophie Space Pack for iPhone 5/5S is the first battery box built in 16gb or 32gb
In storage, charge the phone with a flick of a switch.
Add 100% extra battery power to your smartphone to extend your vacation time with family and friends.
Download the Space app to manage and organize up to 32,000 photos, 28-hour videos and more than 18,000 songs.
Marley House \"Get Together\" speakers roll over Christmas carols on Marley House \"Get Together\" speakers made of earth-
Friendly material: the front and back of natural bamboo is covered with Marley-
Exclusive Rewind fabric consisting of recycled cannabis, organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles.
Marley\'s house creates a great sound that is both gorgeous and eco-friendly and sustainable.
Transfer your Christmas carols wirelessly from your favorite Bluetooth-
Enabled devices, or connect wired devices with built-in devicesin 3.
Thanks to a rechargeable lithium battery, the 5mm audio jack, let the carols fill your house for 8 hours.
Gadgetree Party Light is a Bluetooth Party light speaker with a stylish disco light system from Gadgetree, perfect for teenagers or 1970 Dancing Queen.
Easily play music via Bluetooth on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, or connect directly to your home audio system.
Disco lights, excellent audio quality and bass plus 3 hours of playtime make the party an ideal fun gift. And the built-
In the FM tuner this is an extra vintage bonus and will start the party!
Headphones 4.
What gift is better to send-or receive -
What about music gifts?
Wireless Bluetooth head flush 4.
0 headphones provide the audience with a thriving, clear sound, and endless functions.
The headset is connected via NFC pairing to a music collection stored on a smartphone or tablet.
Manage everything from the headset with tactile touch control;
Choose your music, adjust your volume, and even answer-
Make a phone call by simply brushing the headphones. Beats Solo 2. 0 On-
The ears of Solo Dance 2. 0 on-
Headphones are for music lovers on your list.
The headset is titanium.
Coating drive technology for Crystal
Clear highs and low, rumbling lows in HD sound.
These ergonomic ear cups and flexible headband are ideal for long listening sessions.
Throughout the holiday, keep in touch with family and friends by easily switching between songs and incoming calls
Line control and built-in Microphone. Parrot -
Mini drone jump SumoYoung and mature adults, as well as Santa Claus and elves, will compete for the parrot mini drone with wheels on Christmas morning and throughout the festival.
Robot-style toys can be programmed to drive in straight lines, zigzag driving, circle rotation, rolling and jumping more than 80 centimeters while knocking down objects on their paths.
Control every move of your smartphone or tablet with free apps and Wi-Fi.
In addition, the jump sumo is equipped with wide angle and built-in-
In the camera that captures the video and streams the live view to the boot screen.
Record all the adventures of the jump sumo journey!
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