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top 10: this week\'s most popular stories

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
Last week, it seemed pointless to list 10 of the most popular stories because it was almost.
In fact, the top 20 (Two stories. were Wiki-
Related, perhaps indicating the message-
Consumer mass
Governments are increasingly eager to learn more about each other.
However, this week\'s top 10 shows exactly the opposite desire --
The one with good news.
Better start the second time this week.
Stories with the highest ratings
A victim of a motorcycle accident turned to Facebook hoping to find a beer.
Sophie Moon asked her for 300.
And her friends and sisters helped find white people. tee-and-cowboy-
The man in boots appeared in a video at the scene of the accident.
She didn\'t expect her appeal to spread, eventually attracting nearly 70,000 Facebook users and the attention of commercial television journalists (
We admit, SBS).
However, neither Sophie nor her savior is keen on the avalanche of interest, nor on the subsequent speculation about romantic and film deals, which is why she and it remain a mystery to this day.
Sophie is reluctant to reveal the secret to the hundreds of users who have named \"du de\", which is actually the most popular story this week.
Third place, the distance is very small.
The actor arrived at the Opera House by flying fox, but his X-
When he slammed his face, the man\'s power avoided him.
Enter the lighting equipment first.
The paramedics quickly escorted him out of the stage, wearing a bandage, holding a cup of thrush in his hand, and soon returned.
Everything ended up fine with quality red wine.
WikiLeaks ranked fourth, refusing to cooperate with Ireland\'s investigation into child sexual abuse.
Headlines with all this are ranked fifth, and our own Matthew Hall blog tells how to get down the river.
The last one in sixth place is the hard and miserable news that some news consumers are more accustomed.
Continue live performance-
No fire drills have been taken to ease tensions with North Korea.
Julian Assange ranked seventh
No one needs to introduce now.
Prosecutors in Britain and Sweden then decided whether to extradite him to face sexual charges.
There is a fair amount of consensus, and even Australia ranks eighth in this disaster.
It seems to be to make up for the absence of the top three this week, and WikiLeaks dominates at the end of the list.
Allegations of disclosure
America\'s key allies in oiland insurgent-
Rich Central Asia
Ranked ninth, despite the top 10 sexual allegations.
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