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tony awards 2019 predictions: \'hadestown,\' \'constitution\' and more

by:Marslite     2019-09-06
On Sunday, June 9, the Tony Award will return to the Radio City concert hall.
The producer has a front host (Tony winner
James Coden tomk, perhaps hoping to shine out of Broadway\'s loyal audience, for the lack of Hamilton this season-sized megahit.
It doesn\'t mean it will be a boring night anyway.
Gordon is always pleasant, and not having a huge front runner means that most games are more competitive;
Expect plenty of frustration, laughter and tears.
Cher may even condescend to appear, just to confuse the nominees who snubbed her show.
This year also marks a huge shift in the way the winners decide.
In the past, 850 voters worked under the honor system: if you don\'t see each nominated show in a certain category, you should re-examine yourself.
Whether they stick to these standards or not, well. . .
This is another story.
To combat voter fraud and goose attendance, all voters are now required to enter the dates on which they will watch each show and then verified by the theater manager.
If you don\'t have your name on the roster that day, you can\'t vote for this category. Boom.
As a result, more voters plan ahead this year than ever before, making every show competitive, even the show that ended a few months ago.
A few Limited
According to sources with access to the data, run productions has hundreds more voters than in the past few years.
Here\'s my prediction of the winner tonight, based on my taste of voters, trends, box office performance, key reception and what producers, other people in the industry are saying on the street, and the voters themselves.
Best musical: It\'s not too proud of the promtootsie that Hades owns-
This luxurious musical is more than just a popular name. Out-
In addition to Hamilton and The Lion King, the blue myth is the most popular show of the season for buyers and critics.
I know I will sell my soul to experience
The first time again \"Wait for Me\" and \"Why should we build a wall.
Best Drama: What does the Constitution mean to meccahill in ferryman Gary: What?
Not the ferry? He must be mad! ” I am. As hell.
I won\'t accept it anymore. Look.
I really like the ferry.
It is likely to win.
But the Constitution is a rare challenge for us to re-evaluate the drama of our entire worldview, and in the strange epitome of the art journalism, I am happy if I raise it here to drive the narrative.
There is a more objective reason to believe that the final player of the Pulitzer can also beat the epic of Jerez Butterworth.
Feliman stumbled in the middle of the campaign with a change in the cast, and most voters thought
Experienced alternatives.
Three hours (
After the first adjournment, more than one voter I spoke to fell asleep).
It\'s flat at the box office, and the Constitution is a hot topic at the box office.
If it later opens and retains the original cast, it could be a lock, but Heidi Schrek\'s work captures the spirit of the times like no other work this season-perhaps this decade
In addition, there are only three (! )
Women won the best theater award.
It\'s time, everyone.
The best revival of music: Thunder!
Kiss Me, Kate. what is the function of revival?
Pure nostalgia?
Star car?
Or maybe more things, flat things. out revelatory?
It\'s not kissing me. Kate\'s not good. it\'s just that we \'ve seen it before.
Many times.
I promise that Tony\'s constituents have never seen homer before!
They won\'t forget it soon.
The best revival of drama: the boys in the band, my sons, are singing this song. Many pundits predict that all my sons will get this trophy-not because it\'s particularly good but because it\'s currently running.
While the recent bias is true, so is the quality and history: the boys in the band are the best reviews (
And only profitable)
Reinstalled this year.
It is also important that Mart Crowley is the last groundbreaking gay playwrights without Tony, who deserves his Tony on the occasion of the 50 th anniversary of the band\'s debut.
Like producer David Stone, even though he\'s getting more and more evil, it\'s almost normal, and there\'s a bushel of other hits, he\'s just as stiff.
Best actress: Elaine May (
Waverley Gallery)
Annette Benin, all my SonsLaura Donnelly, felimante mctert, Bernhardt/Hamlet Metcalfe, Hillary and ClintonHeidi I put it in my bag
The famous reclusive actor was not only her first beautiful Broadway bow in 50 years, but also took part in the awards competition with her strong charm.
Best actor: Brian CranstonNetwork)
Paddy consedin, feliman Jeff Daniels, to kill a driver who laughs at the birds, burn this Jeremy Pope, the boy of the choir, if I had my choice, Adam
A huge statue that matches his performance in burning, but Cranston is the name to beat here.
His performance is the reason why he looks at the Internet (
This is the best drama Sharp snub)
He won every ounce of praise.
Music for Best Actor: Santino Fontana (Tootsie)
Brooks Ashmanskas, PromDerrick Baskin, not too ProudAlex Blaman, BeetlejuiceDamon Daunno, Oklahoma City
There are no real competitors here.
Yes, Tootsie eats ham once in a while.
Try to update 40-year-
Old gender politics, but Fontana replaced all the awkwardness with a very interesting performance.
Best Actress in a Musical: Stephanie J. Block (The Cher Show)
Kaitlyn Kinnunen, PromBeth Leavel, PromEva Noblezada, HadestownKelli O\'Hara, Kiss Me, KateAs Fontana, such a block.
She raised her performance materials to a very high level and won every award that the industry can design for her.
Best Actress in a Musical: Ali Stroker (Oklahoma! )
Lily Cooper, tosiva Gray, Sarah Stiles, hudderstown, tosimiri Testa, Homer!
Remember, I said it was Homer!
Will you never forget?
Stoke is one of the main reasons.
Except for her history.
As the first agent nominee to use a wheelchair, she hosted so-
Called \"sexy thunder!
In the glory of hormones.
Her Ado Anne is not a prototype of what is wrong with the issue of consent;
Like the kids said, this girl.
Best actor in the musical: Andre De Shields (Hadestown)
Andy Grotelueschen, TootsiePatrick Page, Hadestown Jeremy Pope, not too proud, not too proud, and the other nominee, Patrick Page, is the God of Hadestown,
Not to mention the tall guy in the chorus! )
De Shields is an industry legend at 10-year absence.
He has never won before and it\'s hard to imagine a better performance than his shark skin would pay off --
Suitable for underworld ceremonies.
Best actress in the play: Celia KeenanBolger(
Kill a Robin)
Finn Nuela franagan, feliman Kristin Nelson, Gary: Sequel to Titus Andros White: Titus Andros this is what Julie White deserves
Her wounded clown is a damn revelation on Gary, and in the way some actors actually speak Shakespeare, she is talking about Taylor Mack.
However, Keenan
Bolger is the favorite of voters, doing lovely, courageous work in Robin-considering Aaron Sorkin\'s dilution of scouts as the main narrator of the story,
Best actor in the play: Brandon Nowitzki (Burn This)
Bertie Cavell, Inke Robin de Jesse, boy of band member Gideon Glick, in order to kill a Robin Benjamin Walker, all the voters I spoke to didn\'t point out the lead.
Most people either tend to Bertie Cavill or Ben Walker;
I bet they will separate the votes, just as Tony Shalhoub won the musical he barely sang last year. (
It\'s also easy for Robin De Jesus to do this. )
Best Original Script: Ana Dess Mitchell (Hadestown)
Joe Iconis is more perfect, Chad BeetlejuiceMatthew Sklar and PromAdam Guettel\'s Green killed a Robin David Yazbeck, often at the same time.
It doesn\'t sound like the rest of Broadway at all, which will cement its reputation.
The main spoilers here will be the ball, which voters can use to replace other awards (
Even though the odd white gospel number about \"better than all of them\" still tickles me).
Robert Horn (Robert Horn)Tootsie)
Dominic Morisseau, not too ProudScott Brown and Anthony King, BeetlejuiceAna Michel s Mitchell Beguelin HadestownBob Martin and Chad, snapped the complaint Tootsie \'sMeToosignaling.
This season, I also tried harder than anything else to laugh at some of its jokes.
Soft moments, especially the final scenes, are also admirable in their nuances.
Given the outdated raw material, Horn has played some real comedy magic here, and voters seem to feel the same way.
The best direction for the musical: Rachel chaffkin (Hadestown)
Scott Ellis, fish tusidanir, oakrama!
It\'s not a trivial matter to turn a concept album into a super hit music album, and chavkin is one of the few creative brave directors I can name.
She\'s the only one. ! )
This season, women will direct a musical, which is the time for the industry to match action with speech on representative issues.
Daniel fish is her main competitor-olkama!
Completely defined by his unique vision, there is a non-
Instead of having a chance to split the vote, Nicolo picked it up, which would surprise the entire Radio City.
The best direction for a play: Sam Mendes (The Ferryman)
Rupert Gold, InkBartlett Sher, killed George C.
Gary Wolfe: The sequel to \"Titus andronicus\" tells the story of creative bravery, about the drama of the 21 speaking parts, including six children, not to mention multiple rabbits and
Mendes kept the action as smooth as the Jungle factory until the tension approached-
Unbearable, set vent after catharsis.
Best Orchestra: Michael Jonny and ToddHadestown)
Larry Hochman, Kiss Me, KateDaniel Kluger, oklaoma!
From the long sign to the tambourine, Simon Hale of totersiharrow Wheeler is not too proud, and the rich arrangement of hudderstown gives every member time to be in the dirty underworld(Sorry. )
Daniel Kruger is likely to pick this up for his wonderful country-
A new imagination of Homer!
But this is a classic tune.
Best Choreographer: Sergio TrudeauNot too proud)Camille A.
Brown, chorus BoyWarren Carlyle, Kiss Me, KateDenis Jones, TootsieDavid Neumann, HadestownA, don\'t be too proud in between, Kiss Me, Kate
The latter has the best numbers for two seasons (
Not to mention tap dancing on the goshdarn ceiling)
But Trujillo\'s work is inseparable from the attraction of the temptation itself.
This is also the only award that the show will receive, and road voters want to make sure they can award the Tony Award™To their users.
Best Attraction design: Rob Howell (The Ferryman)
Yang Qian Buether, killing MockingbirdBunny Christie InkSanto Loquasto, Gary: following the category of AndronicusJan Versweyveld, NetworkAn is very competitive.
From Ink\'s jenga table and newspaper tower to Gary\'s jenga corpse and genital Tower, every competitor has something to write back home.
I bet Gary, but it\'s a shame that the voters seem to hate the show so much that they completely blacked it out.
I\'m going with the ferry man spotless-
The carefully crafted Irish farmhouse has the same distinctive personality as anyone occupying it.
Best Attraction design for musicals: David Korins)Beetlejuice)
Robert Brier and Peter negerini, King of England, congrachel Hauck, hudderdong Laura jerlinek of Homer, are not too proud!
It should have been Hadestown, but Beetlejuice digging Tim Burton\'s body is the only part of the show that voters seem to like, so they throw a bone.
To be fair, it\'s very weird.
Also, Korins is the only member of the Hamilton creative team who doesn\'t have Tony-it\'s his turn to join this.
The best costume design in the play: Rob Howell (The Ferryman)Toni-
Leslie James, Bernhardt/Hamlet Ramos, torch Songgen Ross by Gary: Sequel to Titus AndronicusAnn Roth, killing one with a scenic design knows that I think the unanimous disdain of voters for Gary will reduce their chances of winning another trophy for the wonderful, worn-out outfit of its clown trio.
Thanks to Howell\'s design of the landscape and costumes of the ferry, even in the recent period, the stage picture is very cohesive and memorable.
Best Costume Design for musicals: Bob Mackie (The Cher Show)
Michael Krass, Hadestown William Ivey Long, BeetlejuiceWilliam Ivey Long, TootsiePaul Tazewell, is not too proud of the game.
With Stephanie.
Mackie fashion runway number is the main highlight of Cher Show.
Like the theme itself, it is charming and iconic.
Best Lighting Design: January verweyveld and Tal Yarden (Network)
Gary, Neil Austin, InkJules Fisher, and Peggy Eisenhaur: Sequel to \"ferrymanifo Teton,\" kill a robin because there is no bestor camerawork)
Lighting will become the collective name of all the wild technology inventions of the network, which is worthy of recognition.
Although the ferry is real
Time sunset is also amazing.
The best lighting design in a Musical: Bradley King (Hadestown)
Kevin Adams, Cher Shawnee Binkley, is not too proud, Peter Mumford, King conkenis Posner and Peter negerini, the biggest shower than hadestown takes the lighting device as part of its choreography. Mic drop. (Spotlight drop? )
Best Sound Design for musicals: Nevin Steinberg and Jessica pas (Hadestown)
Peter helenski, BeetlejuicePeter Hylenski, King Stephen Canyon Kennedy, is not too proud in Homer either!
As the band proved last year when it visited to beat SpongeBob (
There is a welfare artist on the stage)
Voters will vote on voice design.
So this is going to happen in huddertown.
King Kong is supposed to get it, but it\'s already got a special Tony for its gorgeous puppet design, and the script is awful and it never helps.
The best sound design in the play: Nick Powell (The Ferryman)
Adam Cork of InkScott Lehrer is here to kill a Patton who laughs at the birds, Eric slisham, a chorus boy, online story.
Considering the overall quality of the production, the ferry is the easier to pick for this award, although the chorus boy is a gorgeous cappella mixingdeservers.
The Tony Award will be broadcast on CBS at eight o\'clock P. M. Eastern time, live broadcast by Radio City concert hall.
For those who play at home, the audience rewards working with Tonys on a digital forecast vote with the chance to win a season of free Broadway tickets.
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