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tomazinho cardozo goes commercial with tiatrs - times of india

by:Marslite     2019-09-25
Tomazinho Cardozo has been rolling out innovations on the Konkani stage, and his latest tiatr goes one step further.
Tomazinho\'s tiar, known as \"hello unclee\", is his first adventure in this direction.
He thinks the experience of entering the world of commercial tiatr is \"amazing \".
This is not the first time he has done something innovative.
During his tenure as dean of Goa Tiatr College (TAG)
When he organized the seminar for the tiatrists of the various departments of the drama, he was at the forefront.
\"But they show little interest,\" said rues Tomazinho.
He went on to say: \"Tiatrs are very popular.
In terms of popularity, there is no other form of drama in Goa that can compete with tiatr.
But for me, they are behind in standards compared to konkanani nataks and Marathi.
He cited, for example, \"the actors of tiatrs are very loud in terms of dialogue delivery.
If this is under control, then the actors can concentrate on performing as naturally as possible.
Tiatr reflects a situation where most of the situations shown on the stage rarely require actors to talk loudly to each other.
In this tiatr, I am trying to overcome such shortcomings.
\"Nor did I waste the stage value of any props.
In most tiatrs you will see a wonderful stage setting with ample seating arrangements, but no one is sitting in the chair provided.
What would you do if someone came to your house?
You will let them sit down.
Is this happening on stage?
I don\'t think so.
Instead, what you see is that there are three microphones and all the entertainers are hovering around the microphone.
\"Tomazinho also tried to use stage lights as drivers in the plot.
\"In addition, I also use background music to highlight the bitter moments in the play,\" he explained . \".
Since he held tiatr for the first time in 1964, Tomazinho has been trying to launch something new.
\"I may have done my first tiatr in 1964, but until then I had been active on the stage of tiatr,\" said tomazinho, even though he was a teacher, but he made time for his passion.
\"During the teaching process, I tried to make time for tiatrs because konkanani dramas is where my passion lies,\" he said . \".
Is he worried about the audience\'s reaction to these changes?
\"You see, if we want to live in the 21st century and make progress in all areas, then why can\'t we raise the standard of tiatr?
Tiatrs must maintain a complete development in all aspects, which is its unique function.
This can be done using existing modern technologies.
We used oil earlier.
Do we use it today? No.
We will follow the trend, so everything must follow the trend of keeping the stage form, \"he said in his summary.
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