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tom grennan still gets the bus everywhere and has a good cry once a week for his mental health

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
Tom Glennan is relatively new to the game-he is still able to buy himself a pint of milk in the supermarket and often take the bus instead of the one the driver is driving.
But he is still exposed to the dark side of fame, offering endless drinks and drugs, yes people.
A few years ago, Tom fell into severe depression, which put him in a state of extreme anxiety, but music eventually helped him through the storm-when his career began, also let the right person by his side.
\"I was really frustrated for a while and was restricted to my home,\" he revealed to Metro . \". co. uk.
I was lucky to be able to talk about it.
As a musician, if you drink and take drugs, you will be placed in a place where there is a burden, which is not good for mental health.
I have good people around me.
He added that it is difficult to navigate lies in the industry, but there are people around him who keep him down-to-earth.
\"My people basically don\'t lick my ass,\" he said . \"
\"This can screw you up when you have a lot of people licking your ass.
You can get everything for free or have a lot of people lie to you.
\"Thankfully, Tom knows that the best way to deal with mental health problems is to talk about them-and cry a lot.
In fact, one cry every week.
\"I have a lot of things in my head,\" he said . \"
\"But being able to speak is amazing, especially as a guy.
For some men, they think it takes away their manhood.
But I also like to cry. It’s healthy.
Cry a week, it\'s me!
I like this attitude.
Nevertheless, he is still struggling with his problems;
Although he has just launched his new album, the lighting game, it doesn\'t mean he can relax and his anxiety will disappear.
\"Now I have this album in my head all over the place, what it will be, what it won\'t be, I always think the worst,\" he admits . \".
\"But I think it\'s just talking about it and letting people say \'enjoy it \'.
Enjoy life, whether it\'s right or wrong.
The best thing about Tom is that he\'s down to earth.
Although he admitted that he did not mind being recognized on the street, he was still the old Tom who took the bus to try to pay the rent.
\"My life hasn\'t changed much. I\'m still on the bus.
He said the situation did not change much except for the crowd.
The crowd is getting bigger and bigger during the festival.
My life has not really changed.
You must be grounded.
\"I haven\'t seen the money yet.
I\'m still eating! ’ he laughed.
Once you have this reputation, people will think you have a lot of money, but I don\'t.
Hopefully I will have some after this album.
I hope I can have a Christmas.
Maybe it\'s the Caribbean. if my pale skin will accept it, I\'m a Fire Eye. Factor 100.
Tom, 23, has been recognized, Elton John has given him support, and his tracks are used for credits for \"body armor, this could be the best demand for fame after shooting a video for the subway, he spoke out on Love Island. co.
Who is he loving now.
He also praised Aido for helping him take care of his mental health-because he had an hour a day to sit down and rest and his life became more crazy. ‘Dani Dyer.
\"I like her very much, and Jack . \"
\"I think the two of them are sick.
I don\'t like Wes. I don\'t like Laura.
He is a bit like a flannel.
I think he\'s funny, but he\'s not.
\"He\'s actually a little bad for Laura.
But I don\'t like Laura.
When asked if he would do naughty business if he entered the villa, Tom said he was too glorious.
\"No, because it\'s disrespectful to my parents.
Between the release of the album and watching Island of Love, Tom also has a project in progress, and he is preparing to break the Guinness world record with the most performances in 12 hours, each lasting 15 minutes.
I thought it was a disgusting idea, he told us.
However, this will be difficult, starting at 9 in the morning and ending very late.
\"It has to be five songs, it has to have a lighting device, it has to be a proper show and we have to set it up when we get there.
But it\'s interesting.
If I enter the Guinness world record, I will buzz.
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