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toil and trouble at the old vic

by:Marslite     2019-09-18
Gruesome. --
Ridiculous times. --
Daily Mail rant-
Peter O\'Toole\'s boy performance is as subtle as hitting a ball. ram --
He likes the play, but the performance of OTU shows that he is doing some kind of personal revenge on the play. --
The observers did not believe these comments.
The spectacle is much worse than it has been so far, a milestone in the history of the rough show. --
While rehearsing for his Shakespeare\'s new work, Macbeth, The Times last week staged a well-known repertoire season at London\'s historic Old Vic theater, celebrating 100 anniversary, Peter ortour is terrified of the famous curse in the play.
The show\'s Old Vic program details the legendary \"history of disaster\" around \"Macbeth\", starting with the first bloody performance for King James I, who personally commissioned it, but was shocked by its violent behavior, as actors have suffered casualties, illness and other misfortunes for centuries, with directors and stage managers associated with the show.
Ortour insisted in rehearsals and interviews that the play could only be referred to as \"Harry laud,\" and that a Scottish vauderville singer blamed his curse for the breakdown of his marriage and the death of a friend.
He welcomed Princess Margaret for a rehearsal backstage and Princess Margaret told him that she could cancel the curse of the film because she was born in grameis.
Ortour may also realize that he has not played the stage role of Shakespeare for 17 years, but became famous in the film. he selected the director from the film, Brian Forbes, never worked in a theater before.
It turns out that ortully\'s fear is good-founded.
After the first night he and Mrs. McWhite walked into the stage, a sword bent in a clumsy, unintentional comedy sword fight, the audience laughed at the shocking scenes of Macbeth and Bongo\'s ghosts dripping blood and spraying blood, the drama and the performance of OTU are more savoury by critics than any major classic in memory here.
These vicious comments caused a heated public row between critics, Old Vic art director Timothy West, and Old Vic board members, which took up the front page of the newspaper over the weekend.
But all these bloody events on and off the stage, adding a nationwide notoriety to the celebrity Otule who has already been put into production, have turned this serious disaster into a box --office bonanza.
Its limited operations here and in four British provincial cities are almost sold out.
In addition, it will become one of the repertoire of Old Vic\'s tour of the European continent, with performances in Paris, Bonn, Vienna, Brussels, Milan and Zurich.
This may help save the Old Vic financially, although o\'turley\'s \"Macbeth\" may be damaging the reputation of drama on this respected stage, britain\'s respected national theater performs before moving to a new drama near the south bank of the Thames.
\"Macbeth\" is the first of six plays.
West plays Sherlock in Shakespeare\'s Merchant of Venice
It is expected that the theater will succeed or fail during the severe recession in Britain.
Otto\'s name helped sell 6,500 subscriptions to all six plays in the first such ticket program in the history of the British theater.
Ortour had agreed to pay about $500 a week for the reported token to be in the role of McWhite, and he had complete control over what became very personal to make the play.
During the rehearsal, Otto described an old-fashioned plagiarism for the interviewer. roaring, big-
The screen movie vision of \"Macbeth\" on the stage.
Apart from Friday night, the show was canceled due to two bomb threats, with the audience laughing last week, and critics shudder at the heavy weight of the film
The stage effect, especially the bright crimson blood of its excessive splash (
\"Kensington Gore\", the fake blood used by the London Fire Brigade for first aid demonstrations, apparently suggested by Princess Margaret, the patron of the brigade).
The tone of odule\'s \"Macbeth\" was immediately determined by the appearance of the three witches, all of whom were young, sexy and dressed in crumpled skirts.
\"Their costumes are far from wild and withered ,(they)
\"It looks like they are shopping at Fortnum and Mason\'s,\" complained the Guardian critic.
\"I think the idea is to appease the audience through a young and malicious contrast,\" the Times speculated, \"a goal that would be better approached by a competent poetry speech.
\"Most of the actors selected by O\'Tool were also found wanting.
For example, The Times found Dudley Sutton \"distorted as McDuff, who may be a lot of things, but not a little angel who was beaten.
Critics of the Guardian have decided that many of the support actors will be eligible for walking shadows.
But the most poignant and mean is left to Otule himself.
\"Gunte, thin, okay-
\"It looks like he\'s clearly bringing a romantic presence to Macbeth, but that\'s not enough,\" the Guardian said . \".
\"He used the monotonous tenor barking to convey every line as if he were speaking to an Eskimos audience who had never heard of Shakespeare.
A man in the aisle of the Daily Telegraph called the Otule on the stage \"collapsed, loose --limbed, open-mouthed, sword-
Swing, full of noise and anger, dramatic in every line and every gesture. . . .
He often puts Shakespeare on his lips and blows a trumpet at us like a trumpet.
The Sunday Times commenter concluded that OTU\'s mcbai stems from a thorough proof of personal glory, a concept so private and strong that it rejects any help or advice, one rejected the show, rejected the company, and rejected the concept of the audience.
\"It didn\'t upset me --
In Lawrence of Arabia, Beckham, Lion of winter, and the ruling class, Slater and ortour are still high-spirited and confident
\"When he finally woke up in the afternoon after his terrible first night, he invited the waiting reporter to his home in the suburbs of Hampstead to declare his contempt for critics. \"Half-
Truth, serious deviation and f------
\"Lies,\" Otule said of the comments the reporter had read for him as he strode around his souvenir --
Dressed in a long green morning gown filled with \"green room\", his gray hair was still wild from his sleep, and his hands were still covered with blood on the stage.
\"I was insulted by experts,\" he said . \"
\"If the comment is fair, it is OK to crush the comment.
Some are not.
The comments for tomorrow will be fish and potato strips.
The public did not notice.
When informed by a commenter that he had \"taken the first step in the final stages of combat fatigue, he was exhausted and his voice was thick, ortour growled:\" hoarse, the sledgehammer was full of abrupt emphasis. \"
He added: \"This comment appeared in The Times on August . \"
Odule replied: \"He is the first actor in history to make me laugh unconsciously through\" Macbeth . \" \"I\'m glad I made him laugh.
In many ways, this is a funny drama full of irony.
But the problem is that many viewers laugh at the wrong time.
They don\'t see real humor.
When asked if Old Vic art director West wanted him to make a change in \"Macbeth\", Otule declared, \"I will not change it . \".
This is a competent performance.
Not very good, but suitable for mass consumption.
I am not happy with my performance but I will be better.
We will produce together.
This will be better.
But at the same time, West\' s work was completely denied in a gentleman-less radio and newspaper interview.
\"I\'m afraid I have to deny that,\" West, who starred Churchill and Edward VII on BBC television, told the London Evening News.
\"Under the contract, Peter had complete artistic control and while I tried to talk to him about how he played, he did not listen.
I have a lot of reservations, but when I saw it in rehearsal, it was too late to try to get him to understand why.
Otule said it was none of West\'s business.
The director of Forbes went on stage after the second night of the show (
After another night\'s laughter, a warm applause in the wrong place)
Openly answer the West and critics.
\"Ladies and gentlemen, you may know that World War III was announced today,\" Forbes said . \".
\"Although we have bled, we have not yet bowed.
Forbes added when it comes to the West, \"I have always thought that Judah is one of the most unattractive figures in human history, and therefore, I would like to say, I don\'t abandon my company, my stage crew, my lighting crew or my sound crew.
Instead, I stood with them and applauded them.
\"Lest his meaning be unclear, Forbes published a letter to The Times the following day, he described West\'s statement to the media as \"a despicable act of artistic betrayal and a commercial stupidity . \"
General speaking safely from headquarters, do not criticize those who have been asked to die on the front line.
\"West has also been publicly criticized by Toby Robertson, a member of the Old Vic\'s board of directors and former artistic director, who said that West\'s statement\" harms the victim\'s interests more than bad notice.
\"At the same time, the people who lined up to buy tickets extended around the block, booking calls constantly ringing in Old Vic and Bristol, Leeds, Coventry and Liverpool, where the game will take place.
It was said that they wanted to see what all the fuss was;
Other people want to see ortour.
Many of those who have seen the show now seem to agree with the Daily Telegraph\'s commenters, who, after tearing up the production of the show and the performance of OTU, added that, nevertheless, this is a drama that \"will give the audience some exciting excitement and knocking on the door\"\'em-
Fireworks set off by a star.
The Daily Telegraph summed it all up in an editorial that had some permission in Shakespeare\'s verse, and critics lamented the economic success of otuli\'s excesses, long line ticket buyers make Old Vic art director west feel better.
You can\'t say I did it, never shake your bloody lock on me.
Swearing abroad.
My Lord, the show is dead.
Outoole: Blow the wind. come here.
At least we will die in the bank. WEST: What!
Will the queue extend to the cracks of the end?
O\'Toole: Like these juggling demons: I live a fascinating life. . .
I will live to be the show and gaze of that time.
Enter the first film critic of the two film critics: where did you do it in the entertainment circle?
The second critic: poor dear.
I hardly know myself.
I dare not look again.
Bad things start to make themselves strong.
Otule: how are you now, you secret?
Your performance is Scotch whisky, not killing it.
Critic: you have it now: the king, Claudius, grameis, everything, I worry, it\'s the one you hate the most.
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