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today on new scientist

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
After the dinosaurs go home fossil poachers prison Mongolia will restore enough amazing fossils to start its first dinosaur museum after a prolific smuggler is brought to justice by a secret snack when you eat, the biological clock may affect your body\'s biological clock, which may return you to normal after a daily rhythm interruption --
The time spacecraft is not dead, just to launch an engine on the old-fashioned space probe ISEE
However, the spacecraft can still study the feedback and Colon of cosmic rays and magnetic fields;
Does solar cells absorb the sun?
Sucking solar cells and finding the first fruit ring in summer is a tricky problem
Energy energy drinks and more snails and colon;
How to expel the gardener\'s biggest enemy nail polish, correction fluid, and disco lights reveal the impressive homing instinct of the garden snail, and in addition to the best way to get rid of jellyfish in the sky, there is a high
Is the rocket flying deep in the sea or is it flying high in the sky?
The Russian league rocket created this weird jellyfish.
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