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to prep for debates, stand-ins take the stage

by:Marslite     2019-09-22
When President Obama and the administration
Mitt Romney is on the debate stage this week, and their campaign advisers and debate coaches want everything --
From the stage lights to the audience, the room temperature, and most importantly, their opponents --
I feel familiar.
Both spent weeks preparing for the debate, facing the fake version of their opponentins.
Although this is easily overlooked, the work of debating the position --
This is a torture in itself.
\"This is a very intense business;
\"It took me hundreds of hours,\" said the former New Hampshire senator.
Jude Greg told Rachel Martin, the host of the weekend edition.
Gregg is working for George W.
Bush was in the 2000 election.
That year, his opponent was Paul Bergala, a Democratic strategist who was playing George W.
Bush at Gore\'s debate\"This is more than one
\"This is the most important thing I do,\" says Begala . \".
In order to play their role properly, Begala and Gregg begin to read, listen and watch as many men as they can pretend to be on stage. \"[It]
\"To the point where my wife no longer wants to turn on the car radio, I put a lot of Gore\'s tape on the radio,\" Gregg said . \".
Sometimes, however, all the research and preparation work pays off.
Gregg said they realized that due to Gore\'s size and character, he would at some point try to walk into Bush\'s space in the debate.
So they were ready for the third debate.
\"He looked at me and smiled and easily continued to answer,\" Greg said . \".
\"I happen to think this is one of the turning points in the election, and it\'s interesting that this happened exactly as per our script.
\"But you can only write so many scripts.
Begala says that\'s what Gore did.
He said that what the media learned was Gore\'s breathing patterns, especially the sighs he made during his first debate.
\"He was really shocked to think [Bush]
\"It\'s only one step away from the White House,\" biara said . \".
\"At least that\'s what I think.
\"This is something that Begala did not notice in the preparation of the debate, although he wished he had.
Begala and Gregg played political games for a long time.
They all say that in preparation, debate often wins or loses.
\"It comes down to the candidate making contact with the audience in a comfortable way,\" Greg said . \".
\"It gives the audience two reactions: One is that they like this person;
Second, they think this person is a leader.
To do this, you have to spend a lot of time preparing, he said.
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