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three killed in storm at belgian festival

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
A violent storm swept through a popular open-air space.
The air festival in eastern Belgium has killed at least three people and injured more than 70 others.
Late Thursday local time, ambulances and police cars came and went back at the Pukkelpop festival scene near the town of Hasselt, 80 km kilometers east of Brussels, and their siren sounded.
The concert audience described a panic-stricken scene during the storm attack, hail more than 1 cm in diameter hit the crowd, and the structure of the concert was held.
\"It\'s terrible.
Looks terrible.
\"All the buildings have collapsed,\" said bryani Gardner, 20, of Auckland, New Zealand, who is traveling in Europe with a friend.
\"Panic at the time. It was crazy.
Hugo Simmons, head of emergency medical planning at Hasselt, told VRT radio that three people were killed, 11 were seriously injured and 60 were slightly injured due to the storm.
Organizers estimate 60,000 of the three
When the storm broke out on Thursday, the festival began.
After the storm, many people flowed from the site, which turned the festival site into a muddy and ruined scene in about 10 minutes.
Video from the scene showed the stage equipment hanging in strong winds like rain --
Audiences at the music festival were looking for cover.
The trees and branches of the whole area have been scraped down, which proves the sudden fierce wind.
The ambulance transported the seriously injured to a nearby hospital.
Some minor injuries are being treated at a local sports center.
More than 20 am pieces of art were shipped to the festival grounds.
Images of the disaster show the collapsed lighting scaffolding.
Dutch television reporter Rick Hoogkamp, who attended the concert on Thursday, said several tents had collapsed.
One of the people who watched the tent collapse was the 17-year-old Saint-Laura ellegit.
Nicholas of Belgium
\"It\'s totally chaotic, massive panic,\" MS Elegert said . \".
\"People are trying to get out of the collapsed tent with their pocket knives and holes in the fabric.
\"Two cranes were brought in late Thursday to try to lift the big tent, but the ground seemed too crowded to reach the area.
Belgian Prime Minister Yves lettm issued a statement expressing condolences to the families of the victims.
Festival organizer Chokri Mahassine said, \"We have now suspended the festival until we are fully aware of the situation. \"The three-
Well-known international performances include Foo Fighters, Eminem and descendants.
This is the second fatal event at the outdoor music festival in a week.
On Saturday, at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis Napoli, a section of the stage collapsed, killing five people and injuring dozens when strong winds hit the scene. -
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