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thousands gather to see many versions of elvis at blue suede music festival

by:Marslite     2019-10-03
MC and trumpet player Mike Schell ordered: \"Get up and do a big stretch and welcome the audience to the day after the blue Suede lint festival in altabasby . \".
\"We will have a long weekend.
\"Schell is not just referring to the Elvis hats artist who took turns rotating on the stage on the second weekend of August --
They can be seen everywhere on the sports ground of the bus, wandering around, like colorful, peaceful illusions, walking in the crowd like semi-gods.
Sign and greet fans, eat cheese burgers from food trucks, take selfies with each other and dance together in the performer\'s area, one of their own Presley songs on stage.
It\'s a bit like an alternate future, and one out of every 20 people is a replica of Elvis in every stage of his life.
A variety of fashion times, including a pirate shirt Elvis from Vegas, Elvis from cycling, Elvis from pink sports jacket, one is the proximity of a full set of leather body suits he wore in the 68-year comeback special.
Sometimes it is felt that the number of people paying tribute to the artist is more than about 4,000 people attending the tenth festival, but it turns out that this is just a bright trick.
\"We have 15 performers this year, including 4 from Washington state,\" said organizer Trudy Taphorn . \".
\"Considering that the last census had about 140 residents living in the small village of basby, it was an impressive tribute to artists and fans.
At noon, they pulled the lawn chair to the outdoor stage and saw such an impressive Elvis Presley --
As Huang Guangyu in Vancouver, he lit the board (
Dirt when he walks into the crowd)
With the early rock \'n\' roll and other ensemble Frutti guest house.
Dino mcchriss from Washington state chose the tune in the movie \"fun of akapura\", while Roger Anderson took a mysterious train with 16 coaches.
Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley (
Roasted peanut butter and banana)
In the franchise area, there are stalls specializing in records, books and gadgets related to the King.
An audience took out a scrapbook to pay tribute to the artist\'s photos, and others just danced on the stage.
The easiest thing is to appreciate the high quality tribute artists who interact with them with humor.
Dancer/actor Christopher Riordan spoke with the attendees at the scene about the time he appeared in Presley\'s six films. The 80-year-
The first Summoner dancer of the old Hollywood vet and Presley celluloid\'s efforts likes to appear at Elvis pay tribute events, where he notes that he finds the same spirit as his old friends.
\"This is a lovely reminder of that era,\" Riordan said . \" His career continues to be repeated in the NBC sitcom Super Store.
His producers were very friendly to allow him time to visit the meetings and festivals)
And guest footage from programs like Brooklyn 99.
\"It\'s not a competition, you know, so all these ETAs (
Elvis pays tribute to the artist)
Help each other outside and hang out together.
I have my own trailer but I don\'t even sit in it.
I prefer to be with ETAs where there really is this feeling of family, friendship and kindness.
This is not a lot of things you see elsewhere.
\"You will not see attractions like the old Elvis (Bob Gaetz)
With 16-year-
Old Jaedyn Lun (
Also a friend Holly tribute artist)
Like a visit that never came to the past, or when the other one went deep from his 60 s, multiple elves compared notes on the stage.
These things you can only see on Elvis Presley Day, believe me, you really need to see at least once in your life.
We tell Riordan the last sentence that at this point in his life, he doesn\'t need to go to the small town of Alberta to celebrate the lives of people who died more than 40 years ago, but it\'s nice to have time.
\"People always ask me why I want to attend these festivals, and I always say it\'s because it brings me back to being with him,\" he said simply . \".
\"I think the audience felt that too.
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