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this front room can turn into a party at the touch of a button

by:Marslite     2019-08-31
If there is a party, press the big red button.
This seems to be the case for this guy, just press a button and he can turn his front room into an impromptu nightclub.
Yes, it\'s as incredible as it sounds.
In the clip, once the button is pressed, the lights in the room in front of the man suddenly darken-and then the party really started.
A series of disco lights began to illuminate the room in front, while Haddaway\'s \"What is love\" exploded in the background.
Then, when a smoke machine started filling the room, it was really upgraded to a grade, with a set of flash lights as the final touch of the whole thing.
If you are looking for something more evil, the room also has a dramatic setting set to the ominous tone of O Fortuna.
What is impressive is that we can only guess that it burned a serious hole in the man\'s wallet.
But it is definitely worth it if we are completely honest.
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