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this four-bedroom home is hiding an incredible secret – and it can be yours for £370k

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
This humble four
The bedding for sale hides a secret-there is a bar inside.
The 63-year-old owner, Alan Kadwell, added a boozer and a stage to the huge property designed by the architect.
But now the boss of the company is planning his retirement-and bringing the house to market for 370 k.
The bar is part of the sound
In the big villa in Lesmahagow, ranakshire, there is a juke box, arcade games, pool tables, disco lights and a basement.
Mr. Cardwell, who owns a chemical manufacturing business, built the house in 1997 and lives there with his 61-year-old wife, Linda, and two sons, Grant and Kevin.
He used entertainment venues to hold staff parties, as well as annual bashes for friends and neighbors to watch the Scottish Cup final.
He said: \"The house is great for us and the disco is definitely unique.
\"When we built it, it was ideal for my two boys because when they were young, it was a safe place for them to socialize.
\"I had a staff night in it, and my son\'s work was there for a party of over 40 people.
The owner of the chemicals company said it was \"difficult\" to leave here, but hoped \"another family would have the same happy memories and good times here.
\"This huge house also has a formal lounge and dining room, a family bathroom and a modern kitchen with electrical appliances, as well as a toilet and utility room.
Three of the four bedrooms have wardrobes and a family room for relaxation.
The master bedroom has an en-suite four-
Separate bathroom with featured stepsup round tub.
Mr. Cadwell also used the disco to perform with his character.
Wedding band of Times
Bassist said: \"The band played there for the party and we had some spectacular nights.
They are great days.
He added that he would be happy to hand over most of the bar equipment to the buyer for a \"guaranteed good night \".
\"However, no one who doesn\'t like wine needs to be afraid.
AB Properties, the real estate agent who is selling the house, said that \"bar space\" can also be converted into grandma\'s apartment or workshop.
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