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thinking world beat, producing locally

by:Marslite     2019-09-23
Lucinda Prewitt, sitting in the office of the high school theater department, was preparing to launch the Laguna World Beat concert series, when a telephone answering machine answered a typical call: a local businessman said: \"I called to see if you could use a piano or an organ. \".
\"Just tell me.
\"I\'m not saying enough about the support of this community,\" said Prewitt, a Laguna Beach resident who is coordinating the multicultural series.
\"Steve Wood of Honk and Dave Edwards of the Laguna theater are helping to solve the sound problem ,[
Chair, Department of Theater, University of California, Irvine
Cameron Harvey is working on stage lighting design and local architect Charlie Bell is working on a plan for the sound diffuser. . . .
\"Another key figure is Sundarajan Mutialu, program director of the San Juan capipirano multicultural arts series.
He volunteered to coordinate the selection of artists in the Prewitt series, which will begin on Sunday afternoon at Thurston Middle School, with a concert by the Paraguay harp House Alfredo roandor Ortiz.
The concert will take place at the school\'s new Pinto family amphitheater, named after local philanthropist Michael Pinto and his family, after the fire in 1993 destroyed parts of the school, he took the lead in rebuilding schools. (
Sunday is the third anniversary of the fire. )
After the Ortiz concert,-
Including one or two shows by International Famous musicians and dancers for a month-
Will move indoors to the artist theater at Laguna Beach High School.
The confirmed performer and date is Makina Loca, a highoctane Afro-
The Cuban rhythm act of December. 14; Gypsy-
Inspired violinist Kim Angelis (
Grew up in Newport Beach, Jan. 11;
On February, the Neva River Russian dance troupe from San Francisco. 15;
On March 15, Celtic folk musician Begley and Kuni.
The artist\'s theater costs $1.
Million renovations, funded by cities and school districts before the recent budget cuts. The face-
The elevator generated a layered 465.
Seating theater with excellent View
Lines and acoustics.
In 91, as director of the Laguna Beach Education Foundation, Prewitt is seeking funding for educational activities.
\"Part of my pitch is to emphasize that the artist\'s theater will give some reward to the community,\" she said.
\"Five years later, the world beat series was the way she kept her promise.
\"The series offers cultural richness and entertainment that is not available elsewhere in the town,\" she said . \".
\"Students need to understand the types of cultural and ethnic diversity we offer.
They can even get it-
Gain work experience by volunteering to help with lighting and sound.
\"Ortiz, a Cuban, currently has a repertoire of African, Spanish and South American cultural music on the California Arts Council\'s tour roster.
He said he felt \"it was a great honor to open up the series and my track fits very well with its theme and goals.
\"The harp can be gently soothing, but my style is also very optimistic when using dance and amazing rhythm.
I think some people will be surprised by the broadness of the harp. ranging scope.
\"Ortiz is particularly pleased that the goal of this series is for students and adults.
\"In California, it\'s shameful to remove art from school classes,\" he said over the phone at his home in Corona.
\"A generation who grew up without formal contact with art is a tragedy.
He said that with further cuts in school budgets, series like the beat of the world should be nourished.
* Who: Alfredo lorandor Ortiz.
* Time: 4: 30 on Sundaym.
* Location: Thurston Middle School, 2100 Park Avenue. , Laguna Beach.
* Funds: $15 for adults and $10 for students.
* Where to call :(714)497-ARTS, (714)497-7769. (
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Laguna World Beat series on Sunday: Alfredo roandor Ortiz, Thurston Middle School, 2100 Park Avenue. * Dec.
14: Makina Loca at Laguna Beach High School, 625 Park Avenue. * Jan.
11. Kim Angelis from high school. * Feb.
15: Russian dance troupe of the Neva River in high school.
* March 15: bergley and Kuni in high school.
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