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thermon group holdings inc (thr.n)

by:Marslite     2019-10-03
Thermon Group Holdings Limited
Established in March 19, 2010, it is a supplier of engineering thermal solutions for the process industry.
The company offers a range of products such as heating cables, oil bundles and control systems, as well as services such as design optimization, engineering, installation and maintenance services.
The company operates in four geographic countries or regions in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.
The company\'s thermal solution, also known as heat tracing, provides external heat sources for pipes, containers and instruments for freezing protection, temperature and flow maintenance, environmental monitoring, and melting of ice and snow on the surface.
The company offers a wide range of electric heating cables, steam heating parts, wiring harnesses, instruments and control products, as well as a variety of complementary product lines.
The company\'s product portfolio includes
Heating cables that regulate and limit power, automatically change the heat output as the temperature of the pipe changes, and heating cables with constant power;
Mineral insulation (MI)cable;
Tracking heater for skin effect;
Thermal tracing tube bundles for environmental gas sampling systems
Heat transfer compounds and steam tracing agents for steam tracing solutions;
Electrical tracking control and monitoring system for pipeline, tank, Hopper and instrument sampling system;
Provide turnkey solutions for heat tracing solutions for customers, including design, optimization, installation and continuous maintenance;
Products and Services for heating, sensing, monitoring, control and calibration tools for energy infrastructure construction projects, maintenance and turnaround projects, as well as temporary distribution and lighting products.
The electric heating application company produces components of the electric heating system, including heating cables, control and monitoring systems, and heating systems for tanks and hoppers.
The company also offers a variety of cables including conductive polymer self-heating cables
Adjust the heating cable and the power limit cable.
HTSX from the company
The regulated heating cable is suitable for heat tracing applications involving crude oil and various chemicals.
When the circuit length exceeds the limit of the parallel resistor heating cable, use the TEK and HTEK series resistor constant Watt heating cable.
MIQ mineral insulated heating cables are used for high temperature maintenance, high temperature exposure and high Watt density applications.
The MIQ cable consists of a high nickel or chromium alloy sheath.
The company\'s ThermTrac system is designed to heat pipes about 15 miles long from a single power point.
The steam tracing company provides a variety of heat transfer compounds, as well as steam tractors and pipe bundles that provide customers with steam tracing solutions.
The company\'s heat transfer compound establishes a thermal connection between the heat tracing system and the process equipment.
Temperature control and monitoring companies offer a range of control and monitoring products from mechanical thermostats to microprocessor
The basic system that controls and monitors the state of the electric heating system.
The company provides separate units for the project, as well as multiple
A point controller that can be integrated into and communicate with the plant\'s central data management and control system.
As part of the TraceNet series of controllers, the company offers a range of temperature control monitoring systems.
The TraceNet controller allows the operator to use its TraceNet control solution to evaluate the operating control parameters and operating conditions of the entire heat tracing system network.
The company\'s controllers can communicate with about 4,090 controllers through 32 channels, allowing about 15,000 hot-track circuits to be monitored in the same network.
The company is engaged in providing pre-
Thermal insulation and insulation
Trace oil bundle with attachment.
The company\'s range of products includes electric and steam-
It contains heating beams of various pipes such as copper, stainless steel and polymer.
The product HT Hopper heating module of Hopper heating company is a kind of self-
Contains heaters designed for surface operations that are prone to vibration.
The HT Hopper heating module has various current paths.
The turnkey service company provides various solutions for the customer\'s heat tracing needs.
Its services include project planning, product supply, engineering services, system integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
Design and Engineering Services companies provide thermal tracing design and engineering services at every stage of the project.
The company provides design and engineering services to customers through its engineers and technicians.
Sumac temporary power Products Co. , Ltd. , through Sumac Manufacturing Co. , Ltd (Sumac)
, Providing the main or sub-distribution panel
Panel, power cord and lighting.
Sumac\'s range of products and solutions is designed to provide temporary power distribution and lighting for construction energy infrastructure and maintenance and turnaround projects for operating facilities.
Sumac\'s products are sold to end users operating in various markets, including heavy industry environments, oil and gas refining upgrades, power plants, petrochemical production facilities and mining operations.
The company competes with the Pentair plc.
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