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theatres, hollywood stars and playwrights rail against eu plans to ban halogen spotlights

by:Marslite     2019-09-11
Activists have warned that theaters will be forced to shut down and that large West End shows will be threatened as EU regulations will force them to replace halogen lamps.
As part of the energy efficiency drive, the EU is consulting on whether to remove the stage lighting exemption from the current legislation, forcing the theater to purchase LED alternate lighting from 20 years.
Despite Brexit, ministers are still considering introducing the regulation in the UK, which they believe will reduce lighting costs over time.
Actor Jude Law, playwright David Hale and magician Darren Brown are all supporting a campaign against the statute.
According to activists, the new LED spotlight is priced at £ 2,500 each, and the cost of replacing stage lighting for 1,300 venues may exceed pounds.
The National Theatre estimates that it will cost £ 8 million to bring its lighting and equipment into line with the new regulations.
Activists believe the rules could even cause a stir in the West, such as Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables.
Hale told the Telegraph: \"I am shocked by the impracticality of the EU lighting proposal, which will lead to unexpected consequences of the closure of theaters across Europe.
This confused me as to why someone would want to cause such serious damage to this vibrant art form.
SirCameronMacIntosh, theater manager, said: \"This is obviously a very serious problem because it affects audiences and practitioners.
\"A solution must be found because the financial contribution of art to the European economy is enormous and one of its great artistic achievements.
\"The Association of Lighting directors is launching a campaign against the regulation and launching a petition that has received more than 12,000 signatures.
Even the new LED spotlight will not be able to meet the EU\'s energy efficiency targets and therefore will not be able to light up the display, they said.
Lighting designer Robbie Butler, who helped host the campaign, said: \"This will have a disastrous impact on every venue, theater and opera house in Europe.
The tools we need will not have alternatives available to light up the show.
\"On the mainland, the entertainment industry is facing overnight disruption and is not recovering immediately.
Constable parle, a four.
Time magazine\'s award winner for best lighting design Olivier said: \"New things like Hamilton, even the lights used in gorgeous performances with very active lights, are equally unable to maintain the status quo, can\'t recreate it either.
Lord Henry, commerce minister, said in the House of Lords that \"no decision was made on halogen lamps\", adding that the government was \"aware\" of the concerns of activists.
But he said: \"Our initial technical advice is that there are some low-energy lighting options. e. g. LEDs)
Use less energy and longer life than tungsten wire bulbs.
\"Therefore, the savings on energy bills will exceed higher purchase costs throughout the life cycle of the product.
\"EU regulations will ban the sale of newly manufactured halogen lamps from 2020.
Theaters will not be forced to replace them overnight, but the theater will have to buy led lighting when the existing bulbs stop working.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Energy And Industry Strategy said: \"officials recently met with delegates from the lighting designers Association (ALD)
No final decision has yet been made.
\"The current proposal suggests that even if the legislation is introduced, there is no need for theaters and other entertainment venues to remove tungsten lamps, any products that are still in store or retailer stock can still be sold.
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