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theatre review: war a particular horror for healers in the fighting season

by:Marslite     2019-10-11
| $35 if the war is hell, imagine what the medical staff on the battlefield will look like.
That\'s exactly what Sean Harris Oliver asked us to do during his strong fighting season, partly because of his father\'s experience as a Canadian army doctor in Afghanistan. Thephrase post-
These days, many traumatic pressures have taken concrete forms in the lives of the three characters, and everything they see and do is destroyed by terror and chaos, so much so that they can hardly stand the surreal normal of peace Canada.
Amazing performances, lights and sound effects directed by Evan Flain
The production of the minute bleed heart theater is amplified by intimacy.
Drama production-
I believe there is little more visceral feeling.
Lined up throughout the stage, the characters spoke directly to the audience, except for a few critical moments where they would talk to each other briefly, or staged particularly disturbing emergencies when deployed at Kandahar airport. Terry (Tom Pickett)
A man in his 60 s is a surgeon.
The other two are young doctor Kristy (Kyle Jespersen)
Nurse Karin (Siona Gareau-Brennan).
They are speaking to us now, returning to the home of the Canadian countryside, and it seems to them to be more purgatory than heaven.
Terry looks like a gentleman. Happy-Go-
Fortunately, immerse yourself in the mediocrity of golf, wife jokes, new lawns and his beloved Montreal Canadian.
But he tried too hard and drank too much.
Defending the correctness of the war, he is particularly sensitive to those who denigrate Canada\'s mission in Afghanistan and his crackdown
Ups is scary.
Kristy seems to be the most damaged of the three, on the verge of complete collapse. His obscenity-
The stock price monologue is full of silly and crazy anger at all this.
However, his three duty trips made him so addicted to madness that he was considering volunteering for the fourth time.
The performance of Robinson was devastating.
The moral conscience of the show belongs to Karin, who thinks more deeply than others and takes the most radical action.
She is the most direct victim of Afghan casualties, civilians and possible suicide bombings.
The east wing behind the Blue Gate is full of Taliban. Gareau-
Brennan beautifully adjusted Karin\'s inner chaos and the professional spirit of the battlefield because she struggled with the terrible choices that all three needed to make and had to play God in that desolate place. From this matterof-fact (
Endure the dust everywhere)
With terrible graphics (
Saw the broken legs of the soldiers)
From a therapist\'s point of view, the show has immersed us in the details of the world.
Unlike M * A * S * H or so many Hollywood movies, the fighting season has not tried visual realism;
It\'s just a suggestion.
Actors imitate their classification without props, but the result is an equally effective emotional immediacy.
The lights of Itai Erdal, especially Matthew MacDonald
Bain\'s sound effects create a nightmare atmosphere.
Their best performing art creates a special empathy.
As an aspectator, in situations you may have never experienced before, you will feel what it is like to enter the skin of another person --or want to.
The fighting season is a painful but necessary reminder of the reality.
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