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theatre review: othhoi jol - times of india

by:Marslite     2019-09-29
Director: bratiya batudur: 160 minutes ago: soushankar Halder, Soumitra mitrar: * 1/2 love is unlimited.
It usually brings two benefits to age, time, and, most importantly, morality.
It usually hurts you when it hits you.
No wonder we are often asked not to underestimate the power of love.
Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay Othhoi Yol said that this unexpected unfortunate story does not match between the blooming individuals of love.
It is clear that this theme is not something that is usually involved in the works of butibu Mountain.
The play follows the path of the novel and makes it an interesting watch.
Simple storytelling is the strength of the show. Shashanka (
Halde Debshankar)
A proud doctor in a village.
He is also the moral guardian and therefore one of the respected people in his area.
He intends to join his followers in the election of the Union Council.
But the ordinary life of him and his wife, Suro
When he falls in love with the dancer Panna, there is a dramatic shift in the children (
Moitro Das).
So Shashanka-
Moral Watchman in the village
Swim in the sea of sin and desire and have an affair.
At this point, in front of the moral dilemma in the middle, what happens next becomes irrelevantclass doctor.
In addition to the simple storytelling, what really makes the show stand out is its performance and teamwork.
He is an experienced actor and desshankar is effortlessly charming.
As Suro, Rajeshwari shows the right balance of a pragmatic and sensual wife.
Suro\'s journey from a confident housewife to a scared, insecure woman is worth seeing.
But the story is mostly about Panna, where Suparna depicts a society with elan that does not respect the desires, gloss and pain of dancers.
She changed her mood seamlessly on stage, which was attractive.
The show proved the solid teamwork it formed.
Spin the stage, uh-
Structured lighting and clothing
These together prevented it from becoming a sloppy production. The well-
Research music, including Khyamta and other related music, makes these two kinds of musicand-a-half-
Play an overall entertainer in hours.
In addition, ujinjal opadhyay added a clever humor to the script, which is worthy of applause.
As a novel, Othhoi Jol is not a detailed and hierarchical story.
The play is on the same path.
However, it stands out for its solid entertainment value. Watch it.
You won\'t be disappointed.
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