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theatre review: mr. foote\'s other leg has its kicks

by:Marslite     2019-10-06
$20-Jericho Art Center
In 2012, when the theater and theater company closed down, it left a blank in Vancouver\'s dramatic landscape.
Who did the British classics?
They are expensive.
Big actors, lots of costumes
Who wants to see the old stuff anyway.
We still have a lot of Shakespeare\'s work, but there are not many British people except Manchester United.
Last season, they started off with Farquhar\'s 18th-century comedy, beauty\'s strategy.
This is Ian Kelly\'s contemporary backstage comedy in 18th-century London.
The other leg of the lamb.
Like Tom Stoppard and Peter Shaffer, Kelly is casual about the past, mixing humor, philosophy, art, and history with rich theatrical works.
Handsome, fun, game room by Sarah Rogers-
It is worth mentioning that Kazz Leskard has performed well in the title role and has a strong lineup.
But for the show, what I\'m going to say is what the emperor Amadeus of Scheffer said to Mozart\'s music: too many notes! Actor-
Manager Samuel Ford, good at comedy, imitation and cross-cuttingdressing.
He ran London\'s Haymarket theater in his 1750 s and 60 s and lost a leg in a horse riding accident.
Notorious in his own time, now Foote only needs a footnote.
Yes, get ready for many crappy jokes.
In the words of Irish actress Peg Woffington (
Elizabeth Willo)
\"Have you ever heard of a one-leg comedian named Foote?
What\'s his other leg called?
\"Foo, Mrs. London stage manager. Garner (Stanley)
Actor David Garrick (Francis Winter)
Avoid the review of Lord Chamberlain by setting up a theater to produce out-of-view dramaof-
Fashion Shakespeare.
Garrick even rewrote Romeo and Juliet with a complete ending.
But Garrick took himself and Shakespeare very seriously.
Foote is not serious about anything.
He laughed at Garrick as \"the most important pause index in the world\" and they became competitors.
Bawdy Peg, who loves Garrick, joined Foote in an 18-century juggling.
To be Prince of George III. Joel Garner)
Propose a competition: Carrick\'s company will use Othello as a tragic performance, and Ford will use it as a comedy performance.
Foote\'s dresser, Frank Barber, recommends the comic \"Othello\" (Russell zihili)Former Jamaican
Slaves came to London as Freeman.
George himself is very interesting: \"What is the opposite side of comedy? Germany.
Sadly, however, we have never seen the Moors of those duels.
We did see and hear the description of foot leg amputations by Scottish surgeon John Hunter. Simon Webb).
\"It will be very difficult to go beyond that in Act 2,\" Foote said . \". And he’s right. Top-
Act 2 is a blockbuster movie.
Hunter and Benjamin Franklin (Kenta Nezu)
Try electricity and mindfulness.
Frank discusses freedom and white privilege.
Allegations of slander and slander, disease, physiology and psychology, the name of the 18 th century --checking (Dr.
Johnson, Tristram Sundy)
There are many Handel jokes.
There were even cameos in the American Revolution. Too many notes!
The production value is very good: Catherine E, Brian Bauer\'s gorgeous painting set.
Luxury period costume by Darren W Carl
Harry\'s subtle lighting effects and exquisite violin and cello music from Aidan Wright and Shawna strouthers.
If you are interested in drama Life, see
The other leg of the lamb.
You will have fun with it.
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