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theatre review: grotesque fun and hipster chic enliven dostoyevsky’s l’idiot

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
It\'s easy to say that even the notoriously gloomy fiodolo Dostoyevski, on the whole stage of his recent arrival in Montreal, may smile (
Gamblers and notes from the underground, double at Hudson village Theatre).
Having said that, the tragic reputation of the Russian novelist is a bit unfair, and the latest theatrical work, \"into the city,\" the colorful nature of the Journal of Cancer, that\'s the funny version of this idiot.
Or be called \"idiot\" in the French adaptation of Etienne lepedge, which will be played until April 14.
A few seconds before it really arrived, Renault Lacelle-
Bolden\'s name was twit walking onto the stage, looking at the audience happily, then hitting his head against the speaker.
Of course, the sympathy of the Prince Mychkine and Lacelle play with the fun sweetness
Burden is really not an idiot.
He is more like a holy fool, a Christ
Just like innocent people, they naively tried to raise a nest of celebrities and hangers --
Start with their selfish self.
The destructive way will eventually only cause chaos, some ridiculous and some tragic.
Lepage\'s script is mainly lean.
In the second half, when things got serious, there were a few lone heroes --
Skillfully guide us through the complex plot of the novel.
Most of these plots involve \"fallen women\"Evelyne Brochu)
Her resolute resistance to a \"decent\" marriage led to an astonishing triple act between her evil but unlucky matchmaker.
There is a guardian of her abuse, Torquay (Henri Chassé)
His friend, General Epanchin
Frederick Blanchett), and Gania (Simon Lacroix)
A shop assistant\'s hysterical milk lined up for her.
Nastassia bravely refused-she first appeared in the style of the Russian Orthodox idol, like the goddess of the Sun --
Then she fell into the divine opposite of Mychkine and his darkness-crazy obsessed Rogojine (
Francis duchamei plays with heartbreaking intensity and disgusting atrocities).
In the bold voguish work of director Catherine Vidal, Dostoyevski\'s later works19th-
The environment of the century has become a cartoon fanatic dream of the past and present, skills and reality. Cha-cha-
Cha dance music is played at Mychkine\'s mask birthday dance while guests dance like awkward uncles and aunts in balloons.
Lighting designer Alexander Pilon throughout the exhibition-
Guay also lets the lighting devices dance, dive them off the stage, or shift their glare from the actors to the audience.
However, the most dazzling is the excellent clothing design of Elen Ewing, which sometimes implies the upper class of sarist, but most people like the exaggerated fashion, the characters dress up like carnival shows.
Some of the peripheral characters are also fun, such as poor drunk Lebedev, having a good time with the bowl --
Cut the wig, a horrible suit in his 70 s, and Paul Amani is almost an acrobatic cring.
Macha Limonchik is a very serious female parent with a ready cut shopliners.
Whenever Paul Savoy appeared as a general in distress, he was a pleasure to humiliate his descendants with a clearly tall story.
He often appears in public without pants, suggesting that the whole thing could be an anxious nightmare.
The set design of Geneviève Lizotte was also mentioned, which cleverly referred to Dostoyevski\'s attention to doppelgáners and split personalities.
At first, it was occupied by a convex wall of black marble with white stripes on it, and in the second half it became a negative mirror of itself.
Drama by April 14 at thétré du Nouveau Monde, 84 Ste-Catherine St. W. Tickets: $30-$60, 65-plus: $30-
$58, student: $30-$45, 15-and-under: $30-$33.
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